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Gordon Ramsay makes a mess in the kitchen.


ramsayWhat goes around comes around…

Season after season we have seen Gordon Ramsay’s wrinkly face scrunching up like a dried prune, yelling at unsuspecting contestants to move their asses or fuck off. Despite being treated like a crap, they gladly poured out their sweat and tears in hopes of making him smile.

Now, it seems as though it won’t be that easy for Ramsey to get away with it. Apparently, his restaurant isn’t doing well. It was reported that a restaurant critic went to eat at his London restaurant and found the 14-table eatery barely scattered with beings. I don’t know how supper is relevant with lunch, but the critic also found out that the staff had given up on lunch service.

The restaurant is located within a hotel, and they decided to take over but still bear the name of mister wrinkly raisin himself. Alas, if you thought this story couldn’t get sadder, you were wrong. The hotel’s letters that were sent out to vendors notifying them of the change in ownership spelled his name wrong. They spelled his name “Ramsey” instead of “Ramsay.”

Thankfully he has his TV show, as that will be a source of raking in the cash. Hopefully his other restaurants do better and stay open; otherwise his validity on the show will cease to exist. Next thing we know, the contestants might be the ones roaring, “You stupid donkey!” into Gordon RAMSAY’s ear – (but where’s the fun in that?) Well, actually, it looks as though he hasn’t cried in years, so some tears might give his prune face some much needed hydration.

Gordon Ramsay Isn’t Leaving Hells Kitchen Anytime Soon. – Perez Hilton

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