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Richie Rich Amuse Runway Show: An Orchestra of Spectacle


All the partygoers were enthusiastic as the show began. We were duly rewarded. Out came four dancers in short shorts and shredded tees dancing to ‘Kids in America.’ Then came a bizarre dance presentation to the “Lollipop Song’ involving a thin Asian woman chasing a large, blonde Asian woman in a frilly purple dress down the Runway. After a few more slutty schoolgirls, out came the clothes. The runways it should be noted were lined with Judith Leiber bags whom I adore…

The collection included clothes for women and men, which is a new venture for Richie Rich. Of course, he didn’t venture terribly far into men’s clothing. The men served chiefly as eye candy in sequined boy shorts and, occasionally, a hoodie. Terrell Owens was the token male celebrity model (and unlike Ms. Lepore I believe this was his first fashion show) and he wore the most clothes, to the dismay of several audience members, like a sequin jacket and a fur hat.

The female models wore considerably more complicated and covering clothing. The influences were very strongly 1960s and 1980s: sequins, feathers, mod prints and high waisted pants featured prominently. Caridee English of Top Model fame was distinctly in the 80s camp: Mohawk hair, sequin bolero and sexy silver and black patterned sequin mini-dress with combat boots made her look like a club kid. Tinsley Mortimer was more 60s, with long wavy hair and a gold and black strapless with a full skirt. Mortimer looked nervous and ecstatic on the runway and kept peeking out throughout the show.