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Odyn Vovk: One Wolf, One Look, And One Cranky Reporter.

Photography by Alenka Slavinec. Odyn Vovk 2010 Fall Collection.

Any show where the bouncer is thinner and more fashionable than I am sets me on edge, but I tried not to let that affect my opinion of Odyn Vovk’s Fall 2010 Collection. I’m fairly certain I failed. Odyn Vovk translates to “One Wolf” in Celtic, and I’m glad for the designer that he doesn’t have to go around spelling that name for dinner reservations.

Not that his name is any picnic: Austin Sherbanenko. According to his website, he chose the name because Wolf “represents learning, loyalty, intuition, and the shadow. He teaches people not to feel strength and power of self when alone and to learn about the deeper inner self by imparting spiritual assistance and courage.” Not to feel strength and power of self when alone? I assume that’s a typo because I don’t know about anyone else, but I rather like feeling those things. Typos make me cranky, yet another thing I tried to set aside as I watched the show.



  1. Celtic? Someone got a “d” in linguistics. Aside from your obvious ignorance of fashion, your poor writing schools are painful to experience. “Amateur hour” by Sarah Hartshorne.

  2. I thought it was a fun description even if missing the mark. I didnt go to the show, so I’m struggling to see where the vagabond look is anywhere here. From your photos I dont see any of the torn clothes you are talking about. Not a “scalawagally” torn outfit in sight to me. Oh, what do I know.

  3. This is this worst description of a runway show ever! You were lucky to even be let in. Get your information right- Celtic? The beauty of this collection was over your head, obviously. Like pearls before swine! Stop blogging about Fashion, you’re way out of your league!

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