Home Visual Arts Dance, Click, Snap at the Aperture Gallery.

Dance, Click, Snap at the Aperture Gallery.

Photography by Keith Lew.

College conditionals all of us – bros, hipsters, alts, scenesters, nerds, et al. – that the weekend really begins on Thursday night. So what to do on a Thursday when the college days end and we’re all financing our freedom with a 9 to 5? This month, the Aperture Gallery rescued us from urban ennui with “No Singing Allowed,” a expansive exhibition on flamenco and photography.

The West 27th Street gallery may be just down the street from un-trendy mainstays like Bungalow 8 and Marquee, but the scene at Thursday’s opening reception might as well have been on a different planet. The multi-floored exhibition space housed the work of at least a dozen artists and welcomed a few hundred friends, admirers, and fine art fanatics. Not a bad way to kick of the weekend.

One featured artist at the exhibition was photographer and Soho resident Gilles Larrain. Larrain has long been fascinated by flamenco as subject, so much so that he has become a skilled flamenco guitarist himself. Larrain and wife Louda were on hand at the reception enjoying a live flamenco performance that resonated throughout the building’s many galleries.

Gilles Larrain- center.

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