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The downtown set hit Collective Hardware.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Mindy Wyatt and Scott Alger.

In the depths of the Bowery, between the shuttered down shops and chipped doorways to walk-ups, lies Collective Hardware, otherwise known as 169 Bowery.

Anticipation and fervor started to pump into the art space on Thursday evening as the gallery prepped for the opening of “A Night of Art, Music and Fashion.”

The art, music and fashion were hot, featuring photography by Scott Alger, a performance by hot new talent Mitsue and fashion strutted by the leggy ladies of the Monarch modeling agency (host of the event). Decked with snazzy jackets and lingering pouts the action was always going to be on.

Approaching Nasim Dehghani, Mitsue’s publicist, who by now was busily surveying the scene he had this to say:

“The point is to bring the art, music, and fashion elements together because they’re so intertwined. So why not have Alger’s new exhibit, have Mitsue perform, and the modeling agency that completes the fashion aspect?”

Why not indeed?

Black floors and white walls provide a sparse background for the event. Well-heeled women teetered alongside rappers, suits, hipsters, all swathed in their coats and did I mention those pouts? Then again this was never going to be an ordinary affair and the hot kids knew it.  By now VIPs were having their fame hustled by society photographers in front of a sponsor filled background that read like an LV monogrammed bag: Soma, Monarch, Bong spirits, et al.

Catching up with Azizz, CEO of Green Team Records and Will Keil who make up the rap group Confetti Gang, they had this to say:  “This is awesome because music is art and fashion,” Azizz said. “They go hand-in-hand,” chimed in Keil. “Most of music comes from art.” Hailing from Philadelphia, the boys were in town to market and promote their newest album, “Born in Sin, Shaped in Iniquity.”




  1. Really great event. I had an amazing time. The art was intriguing, the performance from Mitsue rocked the crowd, everything tied in so well together, and the space was awesome!


  2. Where is Jonathan Grassi? You guys completely left out the other MAIN artist / photographer who’s work took up the entire top floor. Really unprofessional re-cap. We worked w/ you all night & expected more.

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