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The downtown set hit Collective Hardware.



With Scott Alger’s photographs lining the walls, one couldn’t help but feel they were in an ethereal disco show. With neon hues of oranges and reds, light play and swirls, of nightlife, DJs, half-naked couples snogging, images in sequences, in halves, grouped together. One sequence involved a group creating neon patterns and writings on a rooftop. They were illuminated only by the light of the skyscrapers beyond and the colour of their own light sabers.

“I’ve always been interested in drawing with light,” said Randi King. “This is the first time viewing an artist where that is his main platform. This is from our generation, the 21st century generation.”


Posing for a picture before one of Alger’s photographs, fashion stylist Wasidah Clark found the pieces “eye-catching”.

“It’s fashionable and creative, the way the colours are displayed remind me of a runway,”

Alger, chatting excitedly to Mindy Wyatt of the Mindy Wyatt gallery in downtown Manhattan, paused long enough to give us a quip:

“I’m creating a piece of art about pop culture. It is NY meets Hollywood. I’m replicating pop culture with a Hollywood environment. I call it light painting or Lazar. I’m doing this art project, a series of events to work out our ideas of video social networking over space and collapsing distance using this art space and Mindy Wyatt’s gallery.”




  1. Really great event. I had an amazing time. The art was intriguing, the performance from Mitsue rocked the crowd, everything tied in so well together, and the space was awesome!


  2. Where is Jonathan Grassi? You guys completely left out the other MAIN artist / photographer who’s work took up the entire top floor. Really unprofessional re-cap. We worked w/ you all night & expected more.

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