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The downtown set hit Collective Hardware.



Collective Hardware featured the first installment of Alger’s project, where he demonstrated his light play. The second stage will be Mindy’s gallery, where the recording of Alger’s light play via iPhones will be shown.

There is talk of the speed of light and teleporting. For Trekkies it shouldn’t be hard to wrap your head around what Alger described as “trying to figure what it means to communicate over distance.”

Upstairs, the novel performance artist known as Mitsue was preparing for her Collective Hardware debut, an assistant tugging her red sash into corset-like proportions. A fan of the “grown sexy woman look”, the 24-year-old ingénue sported over-the-knee boots, a titillating tight butt-high LBD, and a Cleopatra hairdo. “It’s not about being provocative but don’t be afraid to show the sensual side of yourself,” she explained.

Boola, her producer, all cobalt blue jacket and chequered pants, was all praise: “The sound of her voice is distinctive and different. It’s like a sexy night on a beach.”

And that appears to be just right for Mitsue’s blend of hiprock and diva funk style.

But Mitsue calls herself an “artist in every form,” not just a singer. “It’s important for me to do this here, to infuse art, fashion and music. Being an artist is not only about singing but includes all other aspects,” Mitsue said.

For Stuart Braunstein, creative director of Collective Hardware, touching upon all mediums of art is more relevant now than ever.

“Right now, the idea is to be a lot more conscious of the world and art is the way of finding that. Civilization needs artists to intellectualize about what is relevant. Beyond that, we’re having fun doing it, which is the way it should be.”

It seems Braunstein has a winning formula on his hands…




  1. Really great event. I had an amazing time. The art was intriguing, the performance from Mitsue rocked the crowd, everything tied in so well together, and the space was awesome!


  2. Where is Jonathan Grassi? You guys completely left out the other MAIN artist / photographer who’s work took up the entire top floor. Really unprofessional re-cap. We worked w/ you all night & expected more.

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