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Musings from Sundance: Day 1. Where did the Artists and shiny black cars go?


Jon Gosselin.

That’s the thing about Hollywood and, by proxy, Sundance. Everyone wants to talk to someone a little higher up on the totem pole. No one looks at anyone below their caste unless they are forced to. It’s like a pig trough, with everyone schlorking and sucking up all the goodies they can, shoving anyone and everyone out of their way. Jon Gosselin tried his damnedest to get near Weinstein but it just wasn’t happening. Meanwhile, no one in particular tried their best to get near Gosselin. As for the little blond chick standing behind Gosselin, she had much a little more luck, maybe cause of her sparkling personality never mind her huge breasts.

I don’t mean to sound cynical, or insinuate that Sundance isn’t a great time, maybe the best time I’ve had in years. It absolutely is. But I was only able to see that once I took a step back, stopped caring about what people thought, and decided to just have one hell of a time. I went inner tubing in the snow with Parker Posey, who is beautiful, funny and modest. The next morning, early, I went to see Winter Bones and rode the shuttle with some of the cast, afterward. They, too, were funny, modest and just having a wonderful time.

As I stood at the top of the hill, inner tube in hand, I wondered why we were the only ones outside, taking advantage of maybe the best party game ever. Where the hell was everyone? Then I realized, they were all getting into their shiny black cars and driving away to the next party, the next opportunity. They had no idea it was behind them, passing them by on an inner tube.