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Pamela Anderson Decides to Become a Pop Star.


pammyStock up on earplugs – Pamela Anderson has her sights on a pop career.

If it were April 1st we would assume this was a joke, but apparently it is all true.

Pamela Anderson, the former beauty turned somewhat ridiculous of late, is planning the release of a single with clothing designer Richie Rich. The pair have collaborated before, recently launching a line of “animal-friendly, organic” clothes – not two adjectives commonly associated with the original queen of the leaked internet sex tape.

The duo’s first single is to be entitled “High”, which apparently is a reference to couture, not to drugs. Obviously.

Rich put a damper on our excitement though, when he told the New York Post that Anderson’s contribution to the actual vocals is going to be limited. “We are recording a pop single together. Pam says she wants to sing, but nothing too difficult, so she’s just going to sing the word high over and over.”

We can’t wait. No, really.

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  • I love Pamela Anderson. I always wanted to meet her in person. I adore her so much and that I even keep pictures of her in my bedroom

  • ianvens

    We want to scare you, always.

  • Jez Miles

    Couldn’t your Ed or graphics guy come up with a really sexy library shot of Pammy rather than that crazy Barbie Doll?
    Is it my imagination or has your Ed reduced the font size in this box.
    Does that mean he wants more of me, or he wants to scare me off?