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Models International Celebrates ‘Gifts for Gorgeous.’



Photography by James Palmer

Last night’s fete ‘Gifts for Gorgeous’ was, in short, a blow out event. With the myriad of events going on here in New York City (not to mention the jet set tete a tete affairs in Miami for Art Basel which seems to have, given our word of mouth reports, half of New York society ‘glamming’ it up down south) finding just one affair to partake in was not an easy choice. Of course, if you did end up finding yourself at the Models International sensational event over at Collective Hardware (who we can’t help loving) you were in a for a chic treat…

Organized by John Thompson and Catherine Fellows of Models International along with Hollywood Studios International, Fame Game and NY City PR as a drive for benefit for disadvantaged children, the proceedings were earmarked for ‘Toys for Tots.’ Invited guests were asked to place silent bid on assortment of images. Which images you wonder? The natural beauties that Models International seems to specialize in – young beautiful photogenic vivacious girls. In case you couldn’t get enough of the pictures they were also in plentiful abundance like Amazon sleek gladiators.

One of our favorite girls Yulia Panina a natural born beauty from the Ukraine who until recently was blissfully unaware of the world of modeling (and who has already booked her fair share of editorials and campaigns…) was a stunning presence and we are carefully following her career and dare we say planning to feature her in the not too distant future. Not bad for a girl who until a year ago was just attending art classes in LA.

As the evening wore on there was a certain relaxed charm as guests, models, patrons and the resident Collective Hardware aesthetes stoically cruised the giddy scene in front of them (we assume it’s just another day at the office for this lot…). In the end it was a splendid affair, well attended and we trust a handsome billing for the kids at ‘Toys for Tots.’

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Project Runway; With Imodel’s Catherine Tran.



  1. Dear Lord Nelson (who is neither a casting director or scout) and Bloated Britt,
    This was a charity event for Toys for Tots. I think that it is wonderful for people in the fashion industry to contribute back to the greater community and I do not appreciate your immature and hateful cantor. I also am highly appreciative of Scallywag’s review of our event and look forward to seeing them at future events. If you have something serious to discuss in regards to my company, you’ll need to come say it to my face. Thanks.

    -Catherine Fellows, executive director

  2. What uhh… agency is this again please? I’m not a casting director nor scout or even know the correct lingo. However, I think I have a fair knowledge of what beauty is, not just to the eye of the beholder. I’m not sure if this agency is going to make it.

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