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Absolut throws the worlds best parties?




Photography by Shoko Takayasu.

An Absolut Crush? Don’t mind if I do…

Not feeling so great this morning so it is immediately apparent that last night was a success.  Absolut Vodka hosted a stellar event, unveiling their new ads featuring the beautiful Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deshanele, at Studio 37 in Midtown.  Everyone from the coat check to the bartenders were model material, not to mention the four “live” ads set up to mimic those of Beckinsale’s and Deshanale’s. The models within the live boxes danced and entertained waiting for their solo performances, which occurred every hour on the hour.  A spectacle to say the least.

A surprisingly packed house was immediate; I suppose New Yorkers only come out before ten when there’s an endless supply of free booze to enjoy.  Other entertainment included a mixing bar set up in a private room where guests waited their turn to get a quick lesson from a mixologist on how to create their favorite Absolut drink.

The crowd was decently eclectic, all indulging in great music and free booze, which included the Absolut Crush, Absolut Bloody, Absolut Tonic Twist and the Absolut Cosmo. My drink of choice? The Absolut Crush with infused juices and well, you got it, Abdolut Vodka.

Familiar locals with a plethora of models mixed in sipped and danced with unfortunately the only pseudo celeb spottings to note was Lea Michele, who plays Tina on the new hit show “Glee” and cast members of “The City” including Samantha, a Bergdorf Goodman assistant, and Erin Lucas, a nom-de-plum covering up her identity of daughter to ACDC bassist Cliff Williams.  Both sipped on Tonic Twists, if you care.

Dear Absolut, please unveil new ads soon.




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