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Valentino still the last Emperor.

Daphne Guiness, Valentino and Giammetti

Matt Tyrnauer, Vanity Fair special correspondent directed the documentary, inspired by a piece he wrote for the magazine in 2004, centered upon the forty year romance between Valentino and, Giancarlo Giammetti. “This is a love story, not a fashion movie,” Matt explained. “It is emblematic of the end to a certain element of artist, of a creative era.” For those enamored of the Haute Couture glamour that Valentino carried with him throughout his career of fifty years, do not despair.  Though the documentary certainly humanizes the fashion icon, it does not debar Valentino completely of his posh pedestal. Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and others make impressionable appearances before the cameras, as they undoubtedly do in Valentino’s personal life.  A particularly poignant moment occurs when Karl Lagerfeld entreats Valentino never to leave the world he helped construct; fittingly, the conversation occurs in a room fitted with mannequins, descending from the walls, and outfitted in signature Valentino pieces.  This is but one feature of the grand 45th anniversary celebration turned requiem.

The documentary ends in aria; melancholy Italian opera serenades a dance across the stars; pale models suspend from an unseen archway.   “I was there when Valentino saw the film for the first time,” Matt recalled “I had the final cut, of course, but I was very nervous.  When he first saw it, he hated it. We had a hard time together. When it premiered at the Venice film festival, Valentino received a standing ovation.  Throughout his career, he was respected for his genius.  Now, he was respected for the man he was.”

I finished my cigarette and went inside. The Emperor was watching over us all tonight.

Adrien Brody
Amanda Hearst.
Valentino- the Last Emperor.