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The etiquette of trying to bed a younger woman.



This leads me to the next point. Your dress sense. If you are to bed a younger woman you must attempt to dress like a mature, sophisticated chap. Wearing ripped jeans and tight hugging pink t shirts will only work if you are a rock star or are understood to be one. Some degree of comportment will be required, and in fact an older man will often find himself being sought for his very ability to affect élan, sophistication, and worldly gumption. This, my dears, is your trump card. I assure you she is getting to know you for those very reasons and not for the misguided idea that you are still some young foolish man with floppy hair and a six-pack. Those boys are plenty in abundance and you should never make the mistake of even conceiving that you are competing with them. The fact is, they are competing against you and resent you vehemently because even they understand that refinement and sophistication doesn’t come to floppy 23 year old boys (no matter how pretty they may be).

The question I already can hear you ask is  “Will she be a gold digger if she goes out with me?” My response: “Was she a gold digger when she went out with you when you were 28?” Ultimately money is a side issue. It’s all about your ability to affect sleek, sophistication and worldly debonair. My dears, this is what any young woman is looking for (call it daddy figure syndrome if you will) if she is seen anywhere near you. What used to work for you as a young man will hardly work as well now, so you must learn to use new tools which have presented themselves.

That said, my final piece of advice is not so much to act your age (a fallacy if ever we heard one), but to act with grace, charisma, and some degree of sensitivity. I assure you, your catch or mate will soon be seeking you out. This is the secret, let them seek you out. If your paunch and bad manners get in the way, your flair, sophistication and demonstrated capacity to create, lead and inspire will get you plenty of sought-after attention.