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Why Some Vixens Screw their way around the Globe.


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You have all seen her, mimicking a European heiress (except she is chewing bubble gum) fresh off of the jet from Vienna or Munich.  She is well traveled, wearing Christian Louboutin four inch pumps, carrying Louis Vuitton luggage, and possesses an above average positive self image with barely a high school degree to back it all up.  She came to New York at 18 to 20 years of age and was hoping to make it in modeling, fashion or some glamorous industry.  Now, she takes calls from one to three “boyfriends” that help her with rent, dinners, vacations and overall bills.  She isn’t a hooker but also isn’t looking for a husband.  She is looking for a good…., no…., a great time on someone else’s dime.  She is every mother’s nightmare and sometimes every man’s wet dream.  She can’t be labeled a “coke-whore” because that’s not what she ultimately needs.  With an overpowering addiction to luxury, the fast lane, and most of all, YOUR wallet, her actions are all essentially no more than a “means to an end.” Does she get a kick out of her suitor? Or just what he can supply?  Her target: successful, fun loving, attractive men who are 15 years and senior to her age with an above average discretionary income.  Whether he is married, separated, divorced with or without children makes little to no difference.

A friend once told me, “you know, we actually like women for truly who and what they are, I mean, we enjoy their physical beauty with their hair, face, body, all of it.  But isn’t that what they were genetically given at birth?  So essentially it’s the truth.  We like them for the purity of the female human that they are, physically and mentally (ok, so mainly physically). It’s not like they were born with expensive jets, fancy cars, homes around world, power and a successful career.  Those things are all unnatural or non genetic, but achieved.”

Regardless of genetics (don’t even want to start in on nose jobs, boob jobs and chin implants) this concubine manages to plant her self in the bedroom and across the dinner table from her target as well as various vacation spots alongside her suitor, of course.  The commodity provided is not only pleasure, companionship and good looks (eye of the beholder, of course) to her sponsor, but the self proclaimed impressive quality of the man having successfully obtained a woman far younger than he.  By way of justification, the retorts “men my age are just not as mature” or “I like men who are men and not boys” or the best one yet “I don’t see age, I only see people for who they are,” seem to be the most popular answers.  The real answer, “I’m broke, I didn’t care for an education or just went to school for a degree, didn’t make it in my career (or never found one). I have little to no skill sets and I don’t feel like moving back to the Ukraine, Czech Republic, RUSSIA, Vermont, Mississippi, Indiana or South Dakota. I want to be here in New York and your elder wallet is going to help me stay because I think my looks will carry me through. If I want REALLY good sex, I will just date a guy my age on the side.” And guess what?  There are plenty of gray haired (pending the actual age variance) men that are happy to fulfill this contract and give these itinerant lovers the lifestyle they are seeking.

Where do we find these venereal vixens?  Where do they lurk in the daytime or evening?  Well, my research has found a variety of places besides the obvious night lounges (mental note:  some bottle service babes cloak themselves here as well).  They are on more occasion tucked away in the corner of some gloomy office cubicle, being tormented by fluorescent lighting and painstaking pencil pushing that places them in a desperate mind state.  These office babes disguise themselves as “sexetaries,” but it’s not the corporate ladder they are looking to climb.  Feeling suffocated by the office environment and weekly pay rate, these boardroom to bedroom babes seek out lifestyle opportunities elsewhere, hoping to secure a luxury “sponsor”before they go insane….

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