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Is there something wrong here? Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston teaming up in Times Square.


alg_gosselin_johnstonMedia whores unite. Vomiting profusely in America.

Do you smell a rat? There actually are a couple of them: two stinking oversized rats who are game to lift the collective crumbs off your floor boards. Well it seems the two sexiest rats in town have found each other – where, you ask? Times Square, of course. What does this mean for humanity? A couple of nobodies, the two are famous for nothing other than some television head having decided to toss them in a fish bowl, undress them, spread  a few rumors, get the paparazzi worked up (that includes you Gawker) and spin the crap out of the salt and pepper shaker.

In any event, they’re both here in NYC to rob you blind and to make sure your evenings involve salivating to the lowest common denominator of drivel possible. Are you going to stand for this? Of course you are— you live for this bunk and if we didn’t have stinking rats like these two (and they have to know they are stinking rats— look how uncomfortable they are standing next to each other), who would we have to rip apart?

Rats always travel in packs and prey on young children, TV executives and the country bumpkins that idolize them. Welcome to NY Jon and Levi!
Picture this! Levi Johnston, Jon Gosselin together in Times Square

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