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Goths Wipe off Last Nights Makeup, Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner.


bauhausHow to survive as a monster.

Halloween came through, some mummies made out with some zombies and everyone got severely trashed. Status quo. It was a great night for all those goths and closet drag queens out there, but it made us wonder:  What do they do now?

The one ultimate night for all those demons walking around in people suits has come and gone and the only thing on deck is Thanksgiving dinner with the family. We can only imagine the swamped barbershops and hair salons that are currently chopping off locks, removing extensions, and dying hair back to normal hues. Our hearts go out to them.

With Beggars Night in the past and a future that holds only family-oriented holidays (getting crunk at the company christmas party aside) such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter, what is left for a poor goth to look forward to? Sure, they can hold seances and play Bauhaus albums all they want, but they have officially been pushed to the back of mainstream consciousness once again, sorry to say.

But don’t despair my pale compadres! Just throw some Smiths on the record player, put on your favorite black cardigan and wash your face back to human pigment. You might have to retire your gothic ideals to the interior for now, but the next Halloween is only 364 days away. And when you lie down in your coffin-bed, you still know who you are. It’s those “normal” sheep out there who have lost the way!