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Underage teenage high fives his mate after scoring with drunk 41 year old woman.


19162990_w434_h_q80The fun people have with each other…

Out of Australia comes a disturbing tale of love, self loathing, rampant drinking, and a couple of teenagers bent on getting laid.

Reports news.com.au:

Jenny Lee Mitchell had sex with a 17-year-old male then his 14-year-old friend after they spent a night out drinking, the Victorian County Court heard.

Mitchell told police she had 18 cans of Vodka Smirnoff alcopop during the binge, was very drunk and had no memory of what happened, prosecutor Kevin Doyle said.

The real question is what was Jenny trying to forget and why is that these two kids (who obviously knew what they wanted) aren’t held to some culpability?

Legally Jenny is guilty as can be, but then again these two lads weren’t exactly reminding her that they were just teenagers. Far from it…

The court heard the two males were seen high-fiving each other when they were at the police station for questioning after the incident.

Oh well, boys will be boys- if you catch our drift. But what about Jenny- the teenage abductor?

He said his client became very vulnerable when drunk and her behaviour was out of character.

He said she was ashamed and regretted the acts, which were consensual.

Mr Marsh said there was “no apparent harm” caused to the victim.

We would even dare argue that it was the perpetrator who suffered at the hands of her ‘victims.’ But what do we know?

The maximum penalty for the offence of sexually penetrating a child under 16 is 10 years jail.

Judge Howard Mason will sentence Mitchell next month.

The moral of the story- next time you get plastered don’t do it anywhere near sexually starved teenagers, unless that is you need to…

‘Vulnerable, drunk woman had sex with 14-year-old’

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  • Elisabeth Kay

    I’m sorry but the only reason you’re perceiving this woman as a victim is because she’s a woman. Can you imagine feeling the same sympathy for a depressed man who went out and got drunk then had sex with a 14 year old girl (and in our society, it’s not that hard to imagine a 14 year old girl bragging about having sex with a hot older guy)?

    As much as I’d like to think that women are generally the more responsible sex, the sad fact is that today many women are no better than men when it comes to going out, getting drunk and trying to get laid. Sex and the City taught women that one night stands are to be worn as a badge of honour and the whole “cougar” trend just perpetuates that.

    If women don’t want to be held to the same standards as men they shouldn’t emulate the worst behaviour of men.