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Lindsay Lohan’s comeback as a human being is perilously close to failing.


lindsay_lohan_splashnews--300x300 copyThe things a media whore does for love.

We couldn’t resist the latest on Lilo- our very own punching bag and metaphorical role model for all the shiny decay and obnoxious behavior in gilded society. According to the NY Post (Gutter to all our readers) it seems Lilo has suffered a new drawback, being that recording house Casablanca Records has dropped the obnoxious starlet after she spent a year and a half working on a record. Of course, what we are not told is what work was actually done and why in fact it took Casablanca so long to come to its senses.

The juice gets thicker when the Post also lets out that Ungaro the French design label hasn’t been paying Lilo for her efforts (if you want to call it that…) and that taking advantage of Lilo (who is usually the one doing the taking advantage part) has been a wonderful career move for the line.

In any event, it sounds like business as usual for Lilo, who, by the end of the day, (when she finally wakes up) will just brush it aside as a slight inconvenience. Kind of the way we brush her aside.

The moral of the story? No matter how bad life gets for Lilo she is in it for the long run. Can we say that about America?

LiLo’s free shop spree

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  • ザンクルス

    I see a beautiful young lady with super talent that’s like an unpolished gem, it just needs to be shined. Lohan has to decide to get well, and take action to acheive that. That means getting away from hollywood and all the vampire douches exploiting her for their ends.

    The wise choice here would to stay with some real friends/relatives and start over in her career making small independent movies. She’s a natural redhead hottie and if she took care of herself she could have it all again. The dumb behavior needs to go and the American & party garbage mentality has to be dragged out and executed like politcal dissident.