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It’s confirmed the public must tolerate being poor.


lordPeople are equal except some people are more equal than others.

According to Lord Griffiths, vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher the public must learn to tolerate the inequity of bonuses.

The statement once again brings to the fore the idea of what type of work is valuable in society and how one class of worker gets to make a sum of money vastly different than most members of society. It also draws into consideration the notion that being a banker or trader is a stacked game where those fortunate enough to exist in this merry-go-round (and who are perpetually being propped up when things go badly by public bail money, unlike you and I…) get to partake in a world where the limit of their financial rewards is the sky and that they are entitled to such vast packages because of the vast money they propagate.

It’s an interesting arrangement that begs deeper consideration but at the moment receives scant attention because as long as you are in the driver seat like Lord Griffiths you get to drive where ever you like and over who ever you like.

Lord Griffiths espouses the idea that it all makes sense because the bankers propogate vast wealth for society, even if at the moment vast members of society are in the dog house. Never mind the touching story of how he, too, was once poor and came from austere mining towns from the North of England.

You can sell people myths and hopes once but the second time you sell the same movie plot you are only selling yourself.

Public must learn to ‘tolerate the inequality’ of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-chairman