Home Scandal and Gossip Finland outlaws modems. USA free to lag.

Finland outlaws modems. USA free to lag.


Picture 20Bringing people up to speed.

Finland has just announced that new legislation has given its citizens a legal right to broadband internet. The Scandinavian country created a 1MB minimum high-speed connection law that makes it illegal for telecommunications companies to provide access slower than that. Their goal for 2015? 100MB minimum.

The Finnish people are still required to pay for their internet, but legally the option must be available.

This creates a precedent that signifies just how important it is to be connected to the world. Finland has in effect required its people to be in the loop, informed, and connected to the rest of the world…if they choose to be.

Striving to create a more informed society? That’s madness! Thank god our U.S.A. hasn’t taken similar steps to ensure a knowledgeable populous. We don’t need no socialist internet laws tramplin’ all over our freedoms!

Finland Makes Broadband A Public Right

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