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5 Best Celebrity Gossip Podcasts to Listen to Now

Celebrity Gossip Podcasts
Celebrity Gossip Podcasts: Who? Weekly show. Pictured producers and stars of the show, Lindsay Weber and Bobby Finger. Image via social media.
Celebrity Gossip Podcasts
Celebrity Gossip Podcasts: Who? Weekly show. Pictured producers and stars of the show, Lindsay Weber and Bobby Finger. Image via social media.int

5 Best Celebrity Gossip Podcasts to Listen to as the medium increasingly becomes popular on the internet as audiences continue to seek wider and nuanced forms of media and entertainment. 

A podcast is a themed audio blog with one or more presenters. You can listen to it online or download it to your device. Each issue is a separate topic or story. In essence, a podcast is an appeal to the audience recorded and posted on the Internet.

Transcription Services for Improving Podcast Performance

Podcast creators closely cooperate with platforms offering media transcription services for any business needs. This is due to the importance of audio to text transcription. It allows audio content creators to stand out from others and help audiences find their channel. Other important reasons for converting audio to the text include:

  • Positions in search engines are improving. According to research, 73% of listeners find podcasts over the Internet. But there is one problem – search engines do not display audio. The text content (transcript and description) is required for the podcast page to get into the SERP;
  • Easier to promote on social media. If you have a verbatim transcription, you can quickly and easily make a post on social networks;
  • More subscribers. Thanks to the presence of a transcript of audio content, people can decide whether to listen to audio;
  • More opportunities for content marketing. Transcripts can be used to create social media posts, blog posts, email newsletters, website articles, etc.;
  • The content becomes publicly available. The transcribed text is very convenient for people with limited abilities (for example, hearing impaired), which allows you to significantly expand the audience.

Varieties and Benefits of Podcasts

Conventionally, audio podcasts can be divided into two categories:

  1. Entertaining. This category includes music, humorous podcasts, talk shows;
  2. Educational. The author of such a podcast usually shares his expertise on a particular topic. For example, podcasts about English, marketing, offline business, social networks, IT, etc.

The benefits of podcasts include the following:

  • Listening to a podcast can be combined with other activities. Usually, it is jogging, house cleaning, etc. This is how podcasts differ from YouTube, where you need to not only listen but also watch;
  • A podcast is easy to produce, and good audio quality is not difficult to achieve. High quality allows you to listen to podcasts at an acceleration;
  • Many smartphone apps allow you to download and listen to podcasts on an airplane or where the Internet is not available;
  • Most podcasts are free, so you generally don’t have to pay to listen to interesting recordings.

5 Informative Podcasts About Celebrities 

Below you will find a list of the best celebrity gossip podcasts and their brief descriptions. If that interests you, read the material carefully and choose the right podcast for yourself.

Who? Weekly

This celebrity gossip podcast is number one on our list. It is produced by Lindsay Weber and Bobby Finger and aims to tell listeners everything they don’t know about celebrities. 

Originally, “Who? Weekly” was not a podcast but rather resembled a periodical newsletter. The first issue was circulated on the HeadGum network on January 18, 2016. Today, the podcast is released independently. All podcast participants, whether they are famous personalities on social networks, broadcast actors, YouTube stars, reality TV participants, and other celebrities, are classified into two groups: “Who” or “Them”. This division is conditional and depends on the fame of the person.

A separate category is “T.H.A.M.P.S.” It includes pseudo-famous stylists, publicists, makeup artists, agents, hairdressers, and trainers. The “Nahs” category is also allocated. It includes people who, although in full view of the public, are not well-known enough to be included in the category “Who”.

The podcast “Who? Weekly” is very popular today as it tells interesting information about the lives of famous people. More than 500 issues have already been released.


Disgraceland host Jake Brennan explores the hidden side of celebrity life. In every 30-minute podcast, he tells the stories of musicians who have been caught up in scandals or crime adventures. GG Allin, John Lennon, Jeri Lee Lewis – all of them have already become heroes of the podcast. Listen to it if you are interested in their life.

Berning in Hell 

Hannah Berner is an Instagram influencer known for her insolent personality. In the ‘Berning in Hell’ podcast, Berner invites people to join her and encourages them to talk about their personal life experiences. Her guests include reality TV stars, entrepreneurs, and comedians. 

The podcast attracts listeners by allowing them to learn truthful information about the life of celebrities firsthand. Hannah Berner’s communication with the guests takes place in the mode of questions and answers that interest the audience.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

In the podcast ‘Anna Faris is Unqualified’, actress Anna Faris, with the help of co-host producer Sim Sarna and star guests, considers the difficult issues faced by listeners. Already in the title, Faris emphasizes that she does not have enough skills to give advice. However, although she does not have sufficient education, she has a rich personal experience – two marriages and two divorces, as well as a son. In addition, Faris takes the audience’s questions seriously.

Anna Faris manages to attract many popular celebrities (such as Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Jonas, Elizabeth Olsen, etc.) to her series who feel comfortable enough to reveal personal anecdotes. However, listeners don’t always like the fact that there is too much talk with the stars about sponsoring and supporting the podcast.

Peachy Podcast with Nicky and Sammy

Nicky and Sammy cover all the trends in their podcasts, from the latest music news to internet trends and behind-the-scenes gossip. They regularly welcome guests to the show. Although they haven’t been published for a couple of years, there are about 50 episodes worth listening to.

Today, there are quite a number of podcasts on the Internet that you can listen to without any difficulty. In this review, we’ve told you about the top 5 celebrity gossip podcasts. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about the lives of celebrities, you should examine them more closely and choose the best one for regular listening. You will definitely find what you are looking for!