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The 7 affable habits of a Gentleman.



As per invitations- after a while the solicitations for his affectations and wondrous presence will become insurmountable and he will need to be able to carefully discern which events he can attend and which events he sadly can not attend. Brutal perhaps- but very necessary.

A good guest must eventually also train himself to also be a gracious host. From time to time he will invite a sundry of guests to his abode where he will in good cheer guide them through the evening with his wonderful array of wit and charm. Wit and charms aside he should always be in good supply of good wine (we prefer anything that is of a medium to full bodied Merlot or Cabernet…), a wondrous supply of handmade teas and tea cups as well.

Once it is understood that you are a wonderful host the crowds will always flock to you and if you are clever you should be able to curry favor in whatever particular endorsements you seek.

2/ Will have an avid appreciation of all the fine book stores in his periphery. Those of you serious in being the perfect gentleman will also find yourself having to nourish the intellectual side of yourself. This will require spending lazy afternoons browsing through second hand books and finding a wonderful position in the store where you can entertain your whim.

Careful attention should be paid to all the meta physical poets such as John Donne, T.S Elliot and a heartfelt appreciation of the central doctrine of existential philosophy should also see you well. By the same token a heartfelt appreciation of all the 20 th Century modern great painters and sculptors is a non negotiable.

Although there are scandalous amount of material to be found on the internet a true gentleman will don his cravat and make appropriate visits to the appropriate book stores and vintage stores. After all, seeing is believing…

3/ Another affable habit of a gentleman as alluded to earlier is his ability to always dress impeccably and with dapper finesse. This will require him getting to know the preferred ateliers in his neighborhood and swearing to never wear skate board shorts and flip flops in the natural course of his life ever again.

We should hope in due course that he becomes friendly with the chief head salesman of his preferred clothing atelier and that he is indeed put on their preferred mailing list. In the event he is undergoing a crises of liquidity he should see to it that he comes across wonderful people who are willing to extend themselves on his behalf and take him shopping or at the very least have them give him some of their preferred prized possessions on the condition one day said beneficiary does the same.

4/ Another highly recommended habit of an affable gentleman is his preponderance to visit art galleries, theaters and other performance spaces. He should if he is clever and full of wit eventually be able to curry favor and aplomb with said curators of these organizations so when he eventually he begins the task of championing artists as benefactor or be honored as benefactee he will be closely hewed to those appropriate individuals.

Which galleries and theaters he yields his energy to is a personal choice,  that said a true gentleman will always keep his finger on the pulse and will be able within time be able to deduce which organizations are worth his patronage and good humor.



  1. Good article – might I suggest replacing the photo of Zac Efron in order to improve its perceived integrity upon browsers coming across.it. I had to force myself to read it.

  2. Lovely article. Thank you!

    If I may,Emmanuel Kant -> Immanuel Kantelk -> ilkmeta physical -> metaphysical(Feel free to delete this comment if you like.)

  3. I’ll take an honest man over a gentleman any day, any time. Manners and etiquette should be the sauce, at best, not the meal.

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