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Is it time to talk about Jennifer Anniston again?


jennifer-anistonWhen an actress is only interesting because we get to always talk about her sex life or lack of it…

You know the Labor day rut is here when the NY Post is forced to squeeze it’s one brain cell and run a hundredth article about your favorite person, movie star, media whore bitchJennifer Anniston, and talk about the one thing that has been on your mind ever since you got laid off- that’s right- “Is Jennifer getting laid?

With the shooting of her most recent movie (if you can call them that…) –‘The Bounty’ Jens’ publicists have been on the phone making sure dimwits like Gawker and the NY Post noticed filming of the movie is now over and Jen, poor Jen can’t frolic and flirt with her co star- Gerard Butler.

Resigned that lovely Jen will always be single, sporadically involved with a truck driver or one of her co stars now that the love of her life and ours by extension – Brad Pitt is gone we certainly have to agree with Jen – life is a bitch and then you become one.

When media whore bitches spend the weekend covering our front covers we are not at all amused…

Jen Aniston worried about fall