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English woman arrested for being a public nuisance.


English-woman-arrestedThe things they arrest you for in England…

We read in this morning’s Daily Mail about the interesting tale of Tracy Gough who claimed that she ‘vanished for five days last month after making a distress call to emergency services saying she had fallen down a ditch in Shropshire countryside and couldn’t escape.’

Sparking a wide police search and now arrested for staging her own disappearance Tracey had been reportedly seen having a merry of old drink in a pub a couple of days after she placed her frantic call but the police at the time weren’t too sure what to make of it.

Gough who later resurfaced after she unexpectedly walked into the A&E department of a local hospital, five days after she supposedly vanished caused a lot of distress and at the current time has been arrested for wasting police men’s time.

Could this be a moral or something we could look forward to in the United States anytime in the near future?

Lindsay Lohan and all you other public wac jobs – you have been warned…

Woman who vanished after claiming she was trapped in a ditch arrested ‘for wasting police time’

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