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Ellen DeGeneres on Idol?


ellen_DegeneresAs the media news about Paula Abdul losing her crown as an American Idol judge slowly fades away in oblivion, the public is on to the question: will Ellen DeGeneres be a good replacement?

Well? Will she? No doubt that she will have an undeniable presence and grace us with her comedic talents, however, is this the right vehicle for her? As a star with huge power and charisma, her own popular talk show, and a seemingly BFF bond with Oprah, will her aura be too bright for American Idol? The question at this point doesn’t seem to be of will she have enough entertainment value as our beloved and allegedly drunken Paula, it seems more along the lines of will she even fit seamlessly between Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson — who are way down on the list of celebrities with star supremacy in the Hollywood fame game.

When the word replacement doesn’t necessarily mean second rate…