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Amber and Brendan turn up at STK.



S&V: Is this the first collection that deals overtly with this issue?

Brendan: This has been the underlying theme of all my work, for the past ten years.

As I mingle with the well-dressed crowd of art lovers sipping on champagne, I hear many boasts about Brendan’s and Amber’s work

“She doesn’t photoshop or change her shots, they’re really raw and fresh, and that’s what I love about her style,” said a fellow photographer.

“This isn’t something that you see or find very often, the fact that she’s there with the animals brings a powerful aspect to the footage,” said an admirer.

“Looking at his paintings, I instantly knew what they were about.  I was so deeply touched and moved, I felt his emotions, expressed by brush stroke, touched my heart,” said an exhibition attendee.

I left the exhibition with bright colors and the African landscape racing through my mind, pondering what makes a perfect relationship while feeling wonderfully feminine and free-spirited.


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  1. i think the paintings are beautiful and original. I own one and they are even more beautiful in person. Amber’s photos are spectacular. I found that Brendan’s art and Amber’s photos compliment each other very well.

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