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Amber and Brendan turn up at STK.



Amber:  Never, I’ve modeled for so long and been photographed by many famous photographers, I guess I just paid a little more attention than others might have.

S&V:  Can you tell me more about your modeling career?

Amber:  The last thing I did was the True Religion campaign, I was modeling for Victoria’s Secret at one point, you know its like whatever. I enjoy it and still do it, but photography is where my real passion lies.

Strutting across the room in her high heels, Amber escorts me to Brendan Murphy.  With his analytical gave, relaxed demeanor and unique sense of style, everything about him struck me as artistic.

S&V:  What inspired this collection?

Brendan: My work deals with the complexity of relationships and I sure have a lot material to pull from.  There’s always stories and emotion when men and women get together. Emotion is usually represented by color; I try to capture all of that in my paintings.


S&V:  It seems to me that there is a lot of psychology can you expand on that?  Did you study psychology at all?

Brendan: Well no.  (Laughing) I never studied psychology; I’ve just had a lot of rocky relationships.  The painting gives me a chance to work through some things, as I’m sure any type of creative medium does.

S&V:  Is painting your primary therapeutic outlet?

Brendan: It’s an outlet for me, but I also try to tell a story and create a language between the pieces.

S&V:  How do you accomplish that?

Brendan: I use the woman as a figure in most of the paintings, I try to tell a story within the painting, whether its with words, color combinations or a prominent image.

S&V:  I’ve noticed that this collection features many mathematical formulas, can you elaborate more on why you brought that specific aspect into the art?

Brendan: I had the idea of a mad scientist, creating the perfect formula for a perfect relationship.  All of the paintings deal with how difficult it is for men and women to get it together, I was drawn to the idea of a perfect formula.

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  1. i think the paintings are beautiful and original. I own one and they are even more beautiful in person. Amber’s photos are spectacular. I found that Brendan’s art and Amber’s photos compliment each other very well.

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