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Is it safe to wear a bikini in America if you are a celebrity this summer?


bikini-in-americaThe stomach curls celebrities are being forced to perform this summer? When will summer end?

As celebrity gutter mags salivate over beautiful people or to be precise beautiful celebrities the rush has come for all self abiding and self loving career celebrities to don their favorite bikini this summer and make their cause why you should get to spend the rest of your idle life idealizing and wishing why you can’t have a fantastic and idle life like their favorite celebrities.

Seen cavorting in exaggerated spirits this summer for yours truly had us gawking at Sophie Monk, Kristin Cavallari, Megan Fox (always Megan – we understand she intends to parade in her bikini until November just so get the point), Heather Graham, Candice Cardinele and frankly just about any self respecting opportunist looking to get a suntan and as much public exposure as possible.

The things pretty girls are willing and capable of doing while taking advantage of their shelf life…

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