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How to blow your lotto fortune on Cocaine.


lotto-fortune-on-cocaineWhen young kids become intrigued with the fast life.


Meet Callie Rogers. She’s singing the blues these days after so many years living like a rock star, or rather drugged out rock star. Once 2 million pound rich she is now down to a meager 20 000 pound after her and various drug addicted/dealer boyfriends got into the money.

Making a special appearance in the UK’s Daily Mail the Ms. Rogers laments audibly that she wishes she had never won the money, never became a druggie and never done what she did. What she did at the time of winning lotto at the age of 16 was to go on a whirl wind tour of never ever spending. Probably impressed by what she saw on TV she then proceeded to buy fast cars, take expensive holidays and of course continuing what she saw on TV proceeded on her journey to become a coke head.

Once a shopping assistant, Callie has now been reduced to 3 suicide attempts in recent times but tells the Daily Mail that she’s been sober since November (well, the money is pretty much gone…) .

In any event , at the age of 22 she’s got some new boobs, memories of driving in fast cars, scars on her wrists, holes in her nasal passages and a lifetime to forgive herself.

When watching other idiots on TV will eventually turn you into one too…

How penniless teen Lotto winner Callie Rogers blew her £2m fortune – including £250,000 on cocaine.

The Unconventional lifestyle of a Cocaine Dealer.

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