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Homeless Wacko tries to blow himself up at La Guardia Airport.



When even self destruction becomes an impossibility


Scott McGann yesterday managed to single handedly ruin the weekend of thousands yesterday as well as scare the ‘be-jesus’ out of them when his ‘imagined’ attempts to self destruct failed to materialize.


Casually strolling into the United Airlines check in counter, McGANN who lives on the streets of NYC caused consternation when he was noted acting suspiciously, sweating profusedly and carrying an obtuse back bag which ‘seemed’ to be attached some kind of wiring running up and down his arms.


Alerted, two Port Authority officers subsequently hurled themselves on McGann but not before thousands were sent scurrying into runways and major flights across the country were aborted. As the officers hurled themselves, McGann thinking he was about to blow himself up kept clenching his fists and pulling at his ruckus bag, whilst closing his eyes.

Fortunately for him and the terrified onlookers nothing happened.


Described as ‘super intelligent but socially dysfunctional’ (a mystery to us) McGann has had a history of misbehaving around town, recently for example running into a police precinct and stealing a lawyer’s wad of papers and other inconsistent acts of sanity.


What set off McGann has yet to be understood, but in any event he managed to become a major nuisance yesterday and ensure that his name got constant role play in the media.


One can speculate whether McGann was just having the public on or on some level actually believed he was about to do himself in. Our bet, McGann is going to need some time in the loony bin, not that we suspect he’ll figure out anything when he arrives there.


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