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What is it with tall skinny girls that only flirt with you if you are loaded and near death.


skinny-girlThe allure of the older man.

Here’s something to inspire the collective contempt of the sexes- that is getting sex. There seems to be an interesting equation in most glittery cities that goes something like this- ‘i’ll go out with you as old as you are as long as you’re loaded and flush.

Of course on the other side there’s another equation that goes like this too-

‘I’ll take you out as long as you’re tall, young skinny and up for a good time.

Call it a dilemma. Call it people getting to know each other. Call it the ‘glitter’ phenomena or just call it ‘it’s all for the birds.

When vanity and money get to know each other, we hope you adhere the surgeon’s general warning- ‘liable to cause distress and heartburn.

The fun things we like to do every other day…

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  • Lindsey

    I am tall and thin and so are my friends. I date older, wealthy men because I feel like it. It’s a free country; I don’t make comments about how your boyfriend takes you to Taco Bell for a good time. Not all tall, skinny girls date older men but for those of us who do, we have the right to do whatever we damn well please. Stop being a short, jealous freak!

  • nk

    excuse me!!….im 5′ 11″ and i weigh 140 pounds and i am NO skeleton!!…i also am not attracted to old men that are about to die anyday!!….all of you short girls out there are just jelaous, i mean you girls have to wear heels to get even close to my height!!

  • Debra Winter

    That leaves all the young, hot (poor) guys for us petite girls!
    The tall girls can have their crotchety old men…they have a short attention span anyway.

  • cefm

    Skeletons are attracted to skeletons.