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The media finally acknowledges what you’ve been thinking lately – the current generation is lost.


mediaThe downgrading of a new generation and why it’s a drag.


Here’s an interesting phenomena that you’re probably just waking up to- the top one percent of the country is accelerating its wealth while the bottom 60 percent are decelerating while those in the middle are beginning to throw up their hands and not even bother paying back their credit cards forcing banks and other creditors to come up with partial deals in the hope of recouping debts owed.

In any event as one in four of you are unemployed, a savory statistic not seen since world war two, the media is now trying to come up with clever jingoes to describe and trivialize those of us hurting- ‘the lost generation.’

In any event the tell tale signs of anyone in the lost generation is an inability to acquire full time work, apathy, a disproportionate interest in celebrity, reality shows and the desire to become one as well.

Apart from devising clever ways to deal with one’s sense of loss and wavering it’s also interesting to note that those of us in the top one percent aren’t particularly happy and content as ‘meaning and validity’ in life has taken a back seat. I know we are perplexed by this too, cause we thought screwing people over money would put them in a good mood.

In any event if you do the math our entire generation is the ‘lost generation,’ but thank God the fall season is around the corner and will be able to find new delusions once our summer mojitos and suntans disperse, assuming delusions are your thing…

The danger of a lost generation

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