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Is it Ok to be dead and still be making the rounds on TV and gossip journals?


michael_jackson40When the media loves you unconditionally after you’re gone.

Has anyone being attention to trash celebrity gutter journal TMZ lately? Of course you have. In any event we’ve been intrigued by a phenomena which involves showcasing Michael Jackson more times that is approriately and possibly possible now that he’s dead.

On the off chance you have been living in a cocoon this last 6 weeks any passing reference to Michael will have you nonchalantly believing that Michael is busy being out and alive and kind of having the time of his life. The irony of course is Michael is not alive so for anyone who has no idea that Michael just died (hard to imagine but trust us- it’s possible) we are afraid we might come up against certain people suffering post related depression syndrome to suddenly find out that Michael is dead and that it took them 6 weeks to figure it out.’

In any event we think Michael is here to stay, dead or not and if you keep paying attention to TMZ we’re sure they’ll oblige you with the myth of Michael’s living somewhere with us.

Ahh the media, keeping myths, taboos and fairy tales alive so you can manage to get on with your day.

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  • Ben

    No, it’s not OK, and anyone who does that should be punished. Oh, wait.