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Beverly Binks- butchered casualty of plastic surgery that kept going wrong.


beverly-binksThe things people do to themselves and other ‘fun’ things.

Here comes the story of Beverley Binks who in ‘her’ mind was in need of a nip and tuck amongst other things. Tending to issues of low self esteem (something we didn’t believe happened to women anymore seeing that everyone is telegenic) Mrs. Binks at last resorted to eye and jaw lifts which unfortunately for her didn’t turn out too well. Twice the operations were botched leaving Ms. Binks in what we suspect in more of a state of low self esteem (just in case she never quite understood what low self esteem meant the first time).

With increased attempts to correct previous botched attempts only leaving Mrs. Binks in worse state of affairs (yes it’s true after the loss of self esteem she then became clinically depressed and not to mention what she felt a ‘horrid’ eyesore) Mrs Binks was eventually awarded a settlement.

Nevertheless as Mrs. Binks can sincerely attest there’s only so much happiness money can buy when you’re avoiding all public forums, the bathroom mirror and the knowledge if only you just left things alone.

In any event after 3 surgeries, each one leaving her increasingly scarred and a progressive ‘freak’ scene we are glad to report that ‘Transform Medical Group’ (the word transform being the operative word here) one of the clinics that operated on Mrs Binks that they stand by their patients and are committed to offering ‘excellent clinical care to patients.’

Apparently Mrs. Binks must have turned up on one of their off days.

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