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Why Double Bubble Occurs after Breast Enhancement Surgery

Double Bubble Breast Surgery
Double Bubble Breast Surgery
Double Bubble Breast Surgery: Rectifying complications in boob jobs (stock image).

Double Bubble Breast Surgery: How Breast Enhancement Surgery can sometimes lead to complications and remedies available to patients.

The majority of patients who undergo breast enhancement surgery are more than happy with their results. However, as with any type of cosmetic surgery, complications are always a possibility.

There are a number of reasons why some patients end up being unhappy with the results of their surgery. Women either choose to undergo revision surgery or they choose to remove their implants completely, it all depends on the complications that have occurred.

Revision surgery can be a fairly straightforward procedure but it really does depend on the nature of the complication. One of the more complex types of revision surgery involves repositioning the implants after they moved or were placed incorrectly. 

If you ever need to undergo revision surgery, it’s always recommended that you consult with a surgeon who actually specializes in breast revision as this increases the chances of your second procedure being a success.

Double Bubble: Why It Happens

One of the reasons why women tend to undergo breast revision surgery is because a complication called double bubble has occurred. When this occurs, it means the implant has fallen below the crease of the breast, causing a drooping and a bubble effect that adds an additional layer to one or both breasts.

The inframammary crease is where the incision is placed in some instances and where your breasts meet your rib cage. When double bubble occurs, this crease lifts away from the wall of the chest, causing the implant to slip downwards. 

Very often, double bubble occurs when overly large implants were used on a small frame. Double bubble is a rare complication, mainly because reputable surgeons will not always go ahead with a surgery if a patient is choosing an implant size that could increase their risk of complications.

Before a boob job procedure is undertaken, it’s your surgeon’s job to take an approach that will provide you with an experience and results that are both safe and effective. 

Correcting Double Bubble: Your Options

Unfortunately, there is only one way to correct double bubble and that’s surgery. The techniques that are used to correct double bubble are used to correct most complications related to overly large implants.

If s band of scar tissue happens to form around the bottom of the implant, causing capsular contracture, your surgeon will also need to remove it before the implant can be repositioned. The pocket may also need to be tightened in order to support the implant going forward. If necessary, your surgeon can also replace your existing implants with a smaller size in order to prevent the same issue from occurring in the future. 

Your surgeon will more than likely need to focus on the capsular pocket during your revision surgery in order to create an environment that can actually support your implants. This is done by ensuring the pocket is either too small or too large. 

Patients who require revision surgery will also require a breast lift to prevent the breasts from sagging any further. If this is not done, the chances of double bubble occurring again are exceptionally high.

Double bubble is not something you need to live with. What you should probably do is find a new surgeon though. Double bubble is almost always the result of a negligent or inexperienced surgeon, so to avoid further complications in the future, it’s probably best to find a surgeon that specializes in revision procedures and has a proven track record of successful surgeries.

While a second surgery is not ideal, it’s better than living with an issue that will deplete your self-confidence.