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Salon Party Redux



They’ve done it again. June’s Art Salon Party at Gilles Larrain’s SoHo studio was a roaring success, thanks to beautiful models, fascinating artists of all mediums, and some extremely memorable performances. Designed to benefit New York’s dwindling studio artist scene, this monthly party continues to provide an accessible peek at the eclectic art world.

This month’s entertainment was an eccentric mix of unique performers that only New York City could offer.Valery Oisteanu, self-proclaimed “last living surrealist” and erotic poet, seemed to have stepped out of the pages of a Roberto Bolaño novel as he practically sang his poetry above Gilles’ flamenco guitar. With poem titles like “The Creation of the Pussy” and “Sexual Port of Call” it was hard not to wonder what Oisteanu had planned for the after party… or where he bought that black lace shirt.


The absolute highlight of the evening was the musical performance by three piece band The Stumblebums. When they descended the staircase blasting their energetic tunes at full volume, one astute partygoer observed that they sounded like a mix between Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits, and Nine Inch Nails. Some members of the audience were surely confused when the band finished their set and crowd members apparently began yelling random obscenities in lieu of more typical cries of “encore,” but as it turned out “Fuck Me in the Ass” was merely a song request – one which the band happily indulged.

This monthly gathering has quickly become one of the most unusual and unpredictable parties New York has to offer, and if you’re missing it, you’re missing out. See you next month, Salonistas.


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