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A Night out at the Museum of Natural History: When the Socialites Come Alive.


Appropriately, the first character that caught my eye was none other than Evelina Zdunczyk. More commonly known as the Vegan Queen, the green fashion designer generously donated one of her eco-chic bags to the silent auction. Dressed in a ravishing red Catherine Malandrino gown, Evelina raved about the evening.

“I try to participate in the nicest events in New York City. It’s a beautiful crowd and I’m happy to be here.”

A worthy guest who whole-heartedly supports her cause, we too were happy Evelina was in attendance.

As the night went on and the champagne flowed just a bit more freely, more beautiful people began to trickle in. And I began my hunt. What was I hunting? A pillar of New York society? A prestigious Page 6 darling? Maybe just someone interesting? I wasn’t entirely sure but I thought I found it in a wild looking gentleman who had just descended down the stairs from the exclusive dinner held in the Powerhouse. With hair like Albert Einstein, he was wearing what appeared to be two giant sliver change purses around his neck. How could I not talk to him?

Chair Arden Wohl

G: Gabi.

K: Lovely to meet you Gabi. What brings you here this evening?

G: I’m here for Arden!

(He points to Arden Wohl, boho-socialite extraordinaire and one of the event’s chairs, who was dancing like a Woodstock Flower Child in the corner.)

K: Oh, of course! And can I ask you, Gabi, what exactly do you do?

G: I’m a fashion designer.

K: Oh really! What kind of clothes?

G: You know, clothes for women.

Oh, THOSE clothes. Clearly a master of details, Gabi then proceeded to strike up a conversation with someone who wasn’t me. But I was not discouraged and sauntered over to have a chat with Ms. Wohl.

Wearing the always-eco-friendly Stella McCartney (the designer was kind enough to dress the entire event chair committee), Arden decided to continue dancing with her arms outstretched for the duration of our conversation. But just because she was engrossed in her smooth moves doesn’t mean she wasn’t enthusiastic about her event.

“I’m supporting the museum. I want people to be excited about coming here!” Arden stated before dancing away, backwards, into the abyss.

And Arden certainly had cause to dance, as each guest professed what a wonderful time they were having.



  1. seriously. fixx knows how to get the real stories. he knows how to puch the right buttons. this one was kinda lame.

  2. Fixx was nursing himself back to health, but we must say we are also very fond of Ms. Zarella, and girlfriend can tell a grand story! Plus anyway, she just ended up writing about the people she sees every day…so what choice did we really have in the matter?

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