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A Night out at the Museum of Natural History: When the Socialites Come Alive.


Photography by Rod Micken and Dennis Finnin. Milla Jovovich.

It was a dark and stormy Thursday evening. Scampering in my black patent stilettos, I dashed from my cab and took shelter in the Museum of Natural History. And what happened afterhours in this dimly lit establishment was, in a word, magical. Unfortunately, no miniature cowboy figurines or T-Rex skeletons sprung to life, but the socialites did.

One of young New York society’s favorite annual fetes, the American Museum of Natural History Dance attracted all of Manhattan’s well-to-do (or maybe, not so well to do) residents for an evening of dining, dancing, and of course, drinking. Sponsored by Dior Beauty and Judith Ripka, the event’s Green theme was a popular one. And the socialites rallied to support the cause.

Dani Stahl, Tamara Lowe, Laura Poretzky, Chair-Tinsley Mortimer

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  1. seriously. fixx knows how to get the real stories. he knows how to puch the right buttons. this one was kinda lame.

  2. Fixx was nursing himself back to health, but we must say we are also very fond of Ms. Zarella, and girlfriend can tell a grand story! Plus anyway, she just ended up writing about the people she sees every day…so what choice did we really have in the matter?

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