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A Night out at the Museum of Natural History: When the Socialites Come Alive.


Photography by Rod Micken and Dennis Finnin. Milla Jovovich.

It was a dark and stormy Thursday evening. Scampering in my black patent stilettos, I dashed from my cab and took shelter in the Museum of Natural History. And what happened afterhours in this dimly lit establishment was, in a word, magical. Unfortunately, no miniature cowboy figurines or T-Rex skeletons sprung to life, but the socialites did.

One of young New York society’s favorite annual fetes, the American Museum of Natural History Dance attracted all of Manhattan’s well-to-do (or maybe, not so well to do) residents for an evening of dining, dancing, and of course, drinking. Sponsored by Dior Beauty and Judith Ripka, the event’s Green theme was a popular one. And the socialites rallied to support the cause.

Dani Stahl, Tamara Lowe, Laura Poretzky, Chair-Tinsley Mortimer

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  • lincoln mark

    seriously. fixx knows how to get the real stories. he knows how to puch the right buttons. this one was kinda lame.

  • Fixx was nursing himself back to health, but we must say we are also very fond of Ms. Zarella, and girlfriend can tell a grand story! Plus anyway, she just ended up writing about the people she sees every day…so what choice did we really have in the matter?

  • Anonymous

    where is that fixx guy when you need him?