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A Night out at the Museum of Natural History: When the Socialites Come Alive.


Byrdie Bell

Birdie Bell was no exception. Ringing in spring with her flippant floral Temperly gown (she paired it with knee-high black suede boots which I’m not entirely sure were the right choice), Birdie told me that she was “here to support the cause and my friends.” She then expressed her excitement over the towers of chocolates and other decadent desserts in which she planned to indulge. Yummy.

Nicola Steiner also thought the event was “fantastic” and loved the “young crowd” it attracted.

Social stars and celebrities floated about the dance floor. Fabiola Beracasa frolicked with her friends in a pair of nude sequined pants and a white jacket and Jessica Alba enjoyed the evening with hubbie Cash Warren. But I’d have to say my favorite new friend had to be artist Alex Uribe. A true green supporter, Uribe’s cardboard sculptures were displayed throughout the event space. And he even donated one of his abstract works to the auction.

K: Why Cardboard?

A: I’m interested in materials that are available and accessible.

His dynamic, organic works were quite intriguing. And it was certainly refreshing to have an honest, engaging conversation.

Whether they swarmed the vodka bar, settled for some champagne or just danced the night away to the beats of DJ Harley Viera-Newton, the socials seemed to have a simply smashing time. And when the clock struck 12 and the lights went up, we were all a bit sad to put down our drinks and bid the enchanting evening adieu.

Jessica Alba




  1. seriously. fixx knows how to get the real stories. he knows how to puch the right buttons. this one was kinda lame.

  2. Fixx was nursing himself back to health, but we must say we are also very fond of Ms. Zarella, and girlfriend can tell a grand story! Plus anyway, she just ended up writing about the people she sees every day…so what choice did we really have in the matter?

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