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The work of Art is more than Ruvan imagined. At the Soho Grand.


Photography by Seana Cavanagh.

What do you get when you pack a backroom at the ultra chic Soho Grand, a two hour on the house cocktail session, a body of compelling work and the photogenic presence of an uber crowd? Panache, yes, but more like pandemonium and a body of work grander than the celebrated Ruvan Wijesooriya could have envisaged.

_skc0070Wednesday’s night packed ensemble of hotties, hipsters, faux art aficionados and their model friends (I know we’re friends with them too…alas) had everyone’s heads turning. Could it have been pre fashion week jitters,  anticipation, or just the warm weather that had the flotsam crowd swooning their heads and martinis?

We came across Ruven with his stellar crowd and we’re given a brief history to the rise of his photographic work ‘Since Forever is Gone.’

“I started off as a journalist, and I was doing all these stories and I thought I could do better photographic work than what I was seeing around me. See I have no formal education, but here I am tonight.”

Standing there watching the femme fatale figures above the mantelpieces it occurred to me that I was experiencing a hyper reality. For not only were the fatales screaming out windows and sinking in bath tubs with scuba masks, but they were there very much in front of me swooning to a disco beat, wave after wave  of each other’s glances, and holding there very own hyper reality poise.

Was art emulating reality, or was reality emulating art, or better still was Ruven emulating reality emulating art beyond the picture frames?

You probably had to be there to figure it out, but then again you probably were…at least in gesture…