Terence Koh wants to know if you’re interested in stalking him?


Contemporary artist has finally decided to make himself an object of desire. Artist Terence Koh last night put out his desire to be followed. An art project following the way of ubiquitious mini social updates or an art project that seeks to question the culture of ubiquitious social pandering? Animalnewyork:Late last night, artist Terence Koh […]

The Art World and The Glitterati Converge Over Cheese Sticks

By: Sarah Hartshorne On February 3rd the French Institute in New York City hosted the opening reception for Greg Laurens’s installation Counter Couture. Lauren’s piece consists of beautifully constructed men’s clothing, all made of paper. There are elaborately constructed suit jackets, onto which classic Hitchcock films are projected to create a feeling of surreal luxury.  […]

William Powhida in A Tale of Three Covers

William Powhida, How the New Museum Committed Suicide with Banality, cover art, Brooklyn Rail, November 2009 (For a larger, more legible image, click here.) ———————- December 26, 2009. The Brooklyn Rail, founded in 1998, is a scrappy, independent cultural/political broadsheet that covers issues in Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, DUMBO, Red Hook) from a politically […]

Art Book Holiday Benefit for the L.E.S. Girl’s Club.


Generous hosts and donators, those of which included Paper’s Mickey Boardman, rallied together to make last night’s Art Book Holiday Benefit at the Astor Center a lovely event.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction, raffle and $100 tickets to enter, went to The Lower East Side Girls Club to fund free arts and literacy […]

Kid Sister and Hendershot Gallery take over the Delano Hotel.

Kevin and ..

Having events for events sake is Arts Basel’s insidious allure. Self promotion is rampant– whether it is ladies going out at night in as little clothing as possible advertising their availability, or galleries giving the proverbial middle finger to the recession and throwing lavish events that have nothing to do with their actual artwork. Last […]

Art World Celebrities and figures. Which came first the chicken or egg?

Adele&Adele 2

After a frenzied rush to get VIP passes into the exclusive Art Basel lounge, I sat back and observed my surroundings. The place reeked of money. However, in the light of day (and with no celebrity in sight) it was less about self indulgence and more about passionate collecting. It was a family affair. Grandchildren […]

Art Basel Burns Up Miami.

W hotel swimming Pool

The Emmanuel Perrotin gallery opening was just one of the many amazing events last night. While there was certainly a lot happening in every gallery in Miami’s Design District, this event was well attended and arguably the coolest party to be seen at.   Celebrities mixing with heavy hitting artists, the event was reminiscent of hanging […]

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Sex, Money and Fame.


It takes cunning to make it as an artist and even more cunning to get the sex, money and fame that is your inalienable right if you traverse the platform called the artist. For most artists it’s a losing proposition- for a variety of reasons, the lack of money, charisma, contacts and most importantly because the […]

Love for Sale at the National Art Gallery, London.


Well, not love exactly, but rather sex and as we all know when all else fails ‘sex sells’. It’s this fundamental concept that seems to be turning London based art curators ‘on’ of late. Unpredictably, however, the most talked about show in the field of modern art has just opened its doors at, wait for […]

Tea and a Chat: Roger Daltrey at Times Square.


It’s not all that often you get to see a legend in action, but Roger Daltrey definitely fits that bill and he was most certainly in action on Friday night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. The crowd was buzzing and there was real anticipation from people thrilled to be watching one of the […]

Coalition for the Homeless Artwalk Party: Oh, the Glamour!


Tuesday night’s benefit, Artwalk Coalition for the Homeless, brought in a sundry of discerning social types to help raise awareness and funds for a wonderful cause that has now been 15 years in the making. Chaired by Alec Baldwin (who we believe spent a mere $35,000 on one of the auction pieces), Carey Lowell, supposedly […]

Is Lady Gaga Crazy?


From the moment we heard the catchy beats on the track “Just Dance” and the whirlwind that was “Poker Face,“ it seems as though Lady Gaga has been transforming into a caricature of something I can’t even identify. Even with her kooky “cocaine-inspired” outfits, her “disco stick,” and her drag-queen like makeup, we just labeled […]