Swiss drive thru brothels hailed a success by all except prostitutes


Zurich, Swiss drive thru brothels have been claimed a success by Swiss social services, a year after they have been opened. The experiment in Switzerland’s largest city began last August when the authorities opened Europe’s first municipal drive-in brothel in an old industrial area. At the time when the drive thru brothels were opened in […]

Erica Swallow, venture capital intern claims sexism gets booed.


Erica Swallow a 28 year old MBA student at MIT’s Sloan School of Business has claimed that she has been reprimanded after blogging about her internship at  venture capital outlet, General Catalyst where she claims she and other females were treated with sexist overtones. Wrote the chagrined Erica Swallow: ‘I was consistently reminded of my place as […]

Should Zara have withdrawn concentration camp uniform?


Zara has capitulated to outcry and taken down a kid’s sheriff t shirt after complaints the shirt looked too much like a concentration camp uniform as worn by Holocaust victims. The ‘sheriff’ t-shirt – featuring blue stripes and a six-pointed yellow ‘badge’ – sparked anger as commentators drew comparisons with the Star of David badges […]

Andy Lee House deliberately crashed his Bugatti Veyron to collect $2.2 million insurance. Faces 20 years jail


Andy Lee House faces the prospect of 20 years jail after deliberately crashing his 2006 Bugatti Veyron under the guise of collecting on a $2.2 million insurance policy he had on the automobile. The 39 year old Texan car dealer would plead guilty to wire mail fraud yesterday after he had sought to make good […]

Oh really? Frenchman kicked off American Airlines flight for smelling bad.

Britney Spears performs a free concert in San Francisco

A 27 year old Frenchman has lodged a discrimination complaint after American Airlines kicked him off the airline at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport because he ‘smelled bad.’ The complaint comes after the man was asked to leave a Dallas bound flight after several passengers complained about his body odor. When contacted by AFP the […]

Video: Des Hague, Centerplate CEO repeatedly kicks friend’s puppy when they’re not looking


Des Hague a multimillionaire catering CEO has been caught on surveillance video repeatedly kicking a puppy. At the time the Centerplate CEO was in an elevator in a Vancouver apartment when he took to repeatedly kicking his friend’s doberman puppy in the stomach, all the while as the defenseless puppy flinches against the wall. Not […]

Racial profiling? Charles Belk confused for bank robber, denied civil rights.


Charles Belk, a Los Angeles television producer and actor has posted a photograph of himself on Facebook after the Harvard graduate came to be wrongly detained by the Beverly Hills police department on Friday. The image shows the man handcuffed sitting on a street curb, where he remained for more than 6 hours, protesting his […]

Video: 9 year old girls kills Charles Vacca, shooting instructor in machine gun accident

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.19.50 AM

Could it be even more insane? A 9 year old girl has shot and killed a shooting instructor in a machine gun accident at a Las Vegas range after the Uzi gun the girl was being instructed went on to auto mode. Killed in the Monday morning incident was Charles Vacca, a 39 year old […]

Jesse Helt arrest warrant. Where is he?

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage & Audience

Things are beginning to look sketchy for Miley Cyrus new coup d’etat public relations vehicle, as the homeless Jesse Helt, now revealed to be a wanted man on the run continues to elude police after being wanted by them for the three years. At first the world took note as ‘model looking’ Jesse Helt, 22 […]

Knee Defender etiquette. United Flight diverted after altercation ensues


Flying it seems continues to become a pursuit full of peril, case in point an incident on a United Airlines flight 1462 which saw two 48 year old passengers (sitting ironically in the economy plus section) come to a head after one of them took to using a plastic brace, the knee defender device which preempts the […]

Hate crime? Ralph Weems IV suffers brain damage after attacked by 20 black men.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.51.18 PM

Ralph Weems IV, 32,  a West Point man was this Saturday viciously beaten by a gang of 20 black men outside a Huddle House, North Mississippi parking lot as retaliation for Ferguson‘s Michael Brown killing. The man, who is white, and a former Marine who had served in Iraq came to be beaten after he and another […]

Megan Hawkins is the Chanel model who got shot in the butt at Chris Brown’s pre VMA party

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.09.32 PM

She might be laughing now, but at the time, Chanel and YSL model, Megan Hawkins, 19 was in no laughing mood when she came to be shot in the butt, the result of being caught in the crossfire of an assailant who sought to take rap mogul Suge Knight’s life at a pre VMA party, […]