Did Alex Hribal threaten two students by phone before stabbings?


Detectives have told that they are investigating whether Franklin Regional High School student, Alex Hribal may have threatened two students by phone minutes before he stabbed 21 individuals. The assertion comes via a search warrant that was obtained immediately after last weeks attacks after allegations from two students that they had received  ‘threatening phone messages and completed calls’ from […]

Did Megan Huntsman have 7 babies from affairs? Husband kicked her out for cheating.


New information has come to light suggesting that Utah Mom, Megan Huntsman who suffocated and strangled 7 children may have conceived out of wedlock after having a series of affairs. The latest revelation comes after the Megan Huntsman’s former husband, Darren West has told in an exclusive with the UK’s dailymail that he asked his […]

Joon-Hyung Lee, a rising star of Saatchi Art.


Artist, Joon-Hyung Lee specializes in the human condition. Or to be exact the expression of the human condition through his myriad expressive takes on the human face. Perhaps then it ought not surprise many that the rising South Korean artist has begun captivating the art world, both in his native Seoul, South Korea where he […]

How did Megan Huntsman strangle and suffocate 7 babies undetected?


The Utah mom, Megan Huntsman being accused of killing seven babies which were discovered over the weekend by her former husband, Darren West has admitted today that she killed the babies immediately after being born either by suffocation or strangulation. Since the hideous discovery, Megan Huntsman has been arrested and charged with six counts of murder, with […]

How one Southwest flight attendant became a viral stand up comic…


Southwest Airlines Flight attendant Martha ‘Marty’ Cobbs brings welcome relief…to the unthinkable. Kids there’s something to be said about flight attendants who dare to take themselves a little less seriously than the next flight attendant. Point in case, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who over the weekend decided to try out her long awaited comedy […]

US Airways account tweets masturbating picture to complaining customer


US Airways has this afternoon found itself scrambling for dear life after inexplicably tweeting a picture of a woman masturbating with a toy plane in response to a customer complaint. Told the tweet: @ellerafter, we welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here for review and follow-up:  Then followed by […]

Michaela Smith, Alabama cheerleader forgives her father secretly filming her in the bedroom


Michaela Smith, an Alabama cheerleader has told she has forgiven her father for secretly filming her in the bedroom and bathroom. In forgiving her father, the Pell City senior revealed how her faith in God had allowed her to overcome her anger and resentment towards her dad who would eventually end up serving 12 months […]

Southwest Airlines flight 722 passengers shit themselves as man attempts to jump out at 30 000 feet.


Southwest Airlines flight 722 turned out to be more than what most passengers bargained for after a fellow passengers decided during a mental crises to end it all and leap to their death 30 000 feet above ground. The more than I can bear excitement came yesterday as a passenger on board the Chicago to […]

Fit mum Sharny Kieser insists women should have a photo shoot after giving birth.


An Australian personal trainer, Sharny Kieser has caused consternation after having told that women should take a photo of themselves in a bikini to inspire them in getting back to shape after giving birth. The trainer, also known as Fit mum is currently pregnant with her fifth child and is due to give birth in […]

Adult film star Coco Velvett goes into shock watching her scenes for the first time.


Kids have you ever thought what it must be like to be an adult film star? While you are holding that thought, I want you to also think about what it must be like watching yourself on video as well. Can you imagine all the thoughts running through your mind? So that’s how I look […]

Georgia Eden booted out of beauty contest after posting topless selfie for charity.


Georgia Eden, 22 has found herself been booted from further competing in the Miss Oxforshire competition in England after pageant officials caught wind of topless photos of her scouring social media. Asked why she had broken pageant rules, Georgia Eden told she had merely been attempting to bring awareness to breast cancer, in light of […]

Hookers are now turning your Airbnb apartment into brothels.


There may be more reason than ever before for potential renters on the airbnb site to be wary as a Monday morning report via the nypost tells of a a rising scheme courtesy of less than scrupulous renters who are turning Airbnb apartments into temporary brothels. Momentary pause as I gently stir my teaspoon in […]