Sean Murphy, Keith Urban fan rapes girl whilst fans take pictures


Sean Murphy, 18, a Keith Urban fan has come to be arrested after allegedly raping a fellow attendee at a Keith Urban concert over the weekend. Making the ordeal even more gruesome is the assertion that fans did little to help the girl as some took to taking pictures of the sex tryst. The incident […]

Justin Biber instagrams photo of Orlando Bloom crying. Low blow…


A day after the Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber punching incident at an Ibiza nightclub, Justin Bieber has taken to instagraming a photo of Orlando Bloom crying. Perhaps thinking better of it the Canadian singer and ‘enfant terrible’ then thought better of his low blow gesture and after 20 minutes took down the image which had originally been […]

Should Nicole Gainey have been arrested for letting 7 year old son walk alone to the park?


Nicole Gainey, 34 a Port St. Lucie, Florida mother has been charged with child neglect after letting her 7 year old son walk to a nearby park alone. The mother’s arrest came after lifeguards saw her son Dominic walking past a pool on the way to the park, which is half a mile from his […]

Miranda Kerr posts topless selfie. Orlando Bloom, who’s that again?


In a sign that Miranda Kerr won’t be side saddled by her former husband’s antics, the Aussie supermodel has this afternoon chosen to post a topless selfie on instagram. The posting came after the model immediately preceding the topless selfie posted a picture of her and 3 year old son, Flynn, whose father, Orlando Bloom has […]

Rosie Doherty: Glamor modeling saved me from depression but dad disapproves…


Rosie Doherty, 21 from  Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the UK has told that glamor modeling has saved her from depression and has given her will for life back. A sufferer of OCD and incestuously mocked at school, Rosie Doherty told how entering the foray of glamor modeling has curtailed her panic and anxiety attacks which used to […]

Cindy Wingo arrested for possessing meth in her urine


Cindy Wingo, 33 a South Carolina woman has been arrested after cops determined her urine possessed methamphetamine. The woman’s arrest came after cops confronted her after they spotted her and a male acquaintance loitering outside a vacant home. Yet it was when a deputy said he recognized Cindy Wingo from previous encounters involving drugs and called […]

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber fight: New video emerges, punch seen

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.56.56 AM

A new video has emerged showing the Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber fight. The video since taken by an anonymous Swede shows the moment leading when Orlando Bloom  moved towards the foul mouthed singer and try to land a punch only to be stopped by a handler. Nevertheless the video does show Orlando Bloom cocking back his […]

Orlando Bloom takes swing at Justin Bieber at Ibiza club. Did Biebs date Miranda Kerr?

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.06.08 AM

Orlando Bloom is said to have taken a swing at Justin Bieber at popular high roller’s club, Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Justin Biber instagrams photo of Orlando Bloom crying. Low blow…  Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber fight: New video emerges, punch seen  Miranda Kerr posts topless selfie. Orlando Bloom, […]

Video: Fire challenge, new social media trend leads to 15 year old seriously burning himself


A 15 year old Kentucky boy has come to burn himself (self immolation) after he took to replicating a new social media trend known as ‘fire challenge.’ The trend requires users to film themselves setting themselves alight whilst filming the event. At the time of the 15 year old’s efforts he told that he had […]

Video: Metro North drunk girl eats yummy potato chips off the floor

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.58.00 PM

Unawares to one Metro North drunk girl, miss Mary Massey, a fellow traveler on one recent Metro North rail service came to video a passenger ahead of her as she took to eating yummy potato chips from the floor. Needless to say the resultant video footage has become legendary and fodder for what makes for […]

Steve Mason hounded over his dead daughter’s $200K student loan, goes through retirement fund


Steve Mason a Californian pastor has come to find him and his wife being relentlessly hounded by a collection agencies to make good on his deceased daughter outstanding student loans of $200 000. Crippled by the $2,000 a month in repayments and unable legally to declare bankruptcy to rid himself of the huge debt, the pastor, […]

Joel Smith shoots dead wife, three children cause he was in debt


Joel Smith a 33 year old Maine husband and father this weekend killed his three children, his wife and then himself, presumably as a result of experiencing financial duress, told cops. The murder suicide is said to have taken place inside the family apartment about 11.30pm on Saturday where cops told Joel Smith came to […]