Life expectancy is low in America because we love guns, violence, fast food and risky sex.

Life expectancy in the US

Life expectancy in the US

Happiness says 160 studies make you live longer.

How to live and die fast in the United States…

Here’s something for you to all ponder about. If you continue to live in the United States you will eventually, statistically speaking end up dying younger than your peers in other developed nations in the world. Why you wonder? Because perversely that’s what makes America great and of course so disgusting and tragic, not that I would not have it any other way…

gawker: According to a study from the National Academy of Sciences, Americans are “far” unhealthier than their counterparts in Canada, Australia, Japan, Britain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany and eight other countries. But just how bad is it?

Well, Americans ranked last (or first, depending on how you look at it) in infant mortality, injury and homicide rates, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, drug abuse, obesity and diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and disabilities.

Kids are you suddenly applying for residency in Canada? Not yet. Keep reading…

“Americans are seven times more likely to be murdered than people in the other countries, and 20 times more likely to be killed by a gun.”

Guns. Who doesn’t love living with the constant fear that today might be the day you might be gunned down by a madman who just can’t get it together? Then again how are they suppose to get it together when healthcare and society frowns on mental health care and pretty much any health care especially when it costs up to two times per individual than it does in comparable nations (Britain, France and Sweden) and that’s most of those developed states offering national health care. Scary stuff I know, but like you I am resigned to risk it all because like you I want to be rich, famous and wealthy. High five bixch.

World life expectancy

World life expectancy

Reflect the author’s of the report, Dr. Steven Woolf, chair of the department of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University:

“We have a culture in our country … that cherishes personal autonomy and wants to limit intrusion of government and other entities upon our personal lives. Some of those forces may act against the ability to achieve optimal health outcomes.”

It’s clearly not pollution or some other outside factor, said Ana Diez Roux, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, who served on the panel.

“It seems to be a whole bunch of things acting together,” she said.

Added Woolf: “Something fundamentally is going wrong to cause our country to lose ground against other high-income countries.”

Hmm. You think? But in case you think America is going completely down the drain, there is some good news too:

‘ ….it has the highest cancer survival rates and the lowest cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Basically, it’s a great spot to live if you’re old: “Americans who reach age 75 can expect to live longer than people in the peer countries,” the report reads.

Which is another way of saying die young trying and if you don’t call it a day if you somehow manage to make it to 75. As for me and my loved ones, I’ll be sipping the good shit off my roof terrace overlooking the sea in some sensuous foreign coastline wondering about all those amazing and crazy years I lived in the USA and how somehow I managed to survive all that shit. Or did I?

Then there were these two comments from the web which caught my attention:

The cause of it all is simple: Americans live under way more stress than people in other rich democracies. Stress is at the root of all unhealthy activities: obesity, smoking, injuries, heart disease. The second worst factor: enrichment of all food. Americans eat 10 times the daily need of most vitamins and minerals. Not only isn’t that good, but synthetic nutrients cannot make up for nature. Third factor: chemicals. Americans live surrounded and inundated by chemicals in the air, furniture, clothes, food etc. Chemical overload will weaken people’s immunity and therefore health.

Solution: cut out all three factors and the Yanks will live long and healthy. There is no better cure all than the grace of sanity: peace and peacefulness.


We are the slaves of the Corporatocracy, brainwashed, buying all the products regardless of whether they harm our health, sitting looking at screens for far too many hours, stressed out with no way out. Or so we have been led to believe. We have the illusion of choice, but it is mainly between one form of delusion or another. No one is going to save us, not God, alien benefactors, or the government. It is up to us. We have great power that we do not use, and have been conditioned to believe does not exist. Lets stop being the dairy herd for those invisable masters, stand up on our oun and look at the reality we have allowed to be created for ourselves. Stop hating the others who seem to disagree with our politics, religion, or social positions. As long as we are fighting among ourselves, we don’t have a chance to change our situation. They win. Are we too stupid or lazy to rise above this quicksand? I think we can do it if we let go of our petty clinging to having to be right, making enemies all around us.

US life expectancy

US life expectancy

World life expectancy

World life expectancy