$1.25 million worth of cocaine ironically washes up on Cape Canaveral military beach

Thank god it didn’t end up on the streets!

The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station stumbled upon a great photo-op and victory for the War On Drugs yesterday: twenty-five package of cocaine, 1-kilo bricks, washed ashore; some “good Samaritan” at the base reported it, and Brevard County Sheriff’s Office confiscated the drugs.  They have no intention of finding out where it came from, nor, it seems, a clue.  But the good news is, it’s in the right hands now, you betcha!

Lt. John Mellick, a spokesperson for the Sherriff’s office, according to Florida Today, offered the following:

We did take custody of the dope, but there is no criminal case attached. We don’t have anyone identified as being associated with it… We wouldn’t call this a frequent event, but it’s not terribly unusual.”

Isn’t it nice to know the police are so informed in such matters of the “drug-war”, that their tactic of waiting for drugs to serendipitously fall into their hands works out so well, so often?  I suppose I shouldn’t be groaning when no one was wrongly or stupidly charged for a drug-related crime.  I’ll just go back to rewatching The Wire.

Hmm, is that a straw underneath the sofa…?

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