Sonja Morgan wants to tell you she has a hangover this morning…

The reality of being a reality drunk.

Oops. Seems Sonja slipped a few too many martinis in her purse this weekend and as a consequence ran over a few red lights before NY’s finest pulled the seasoned reality drunk of Unbearable Housewives of NY out of her car. Needless to say, Sonja failed the part where they asked her to walk the straight double yellow lines, and as for taking the breathalyzer test, Sonja politely declined. She having manners and all.

Anyway she now has a fantastic hangover to deal with and this terrific mugshot that Bravo must be seriously considering in this season’d finale episode.

Money can’t buy you class, but it can always buy you another martini.

Source: NY Post

  • haha

    GET HER OFF THE SHOW. She adds NOTHING. Lock her up.

    I want to hurl 2X when that ugly yoyo goes on and on about finding strange sex. She’s as sick as Kelly, only in a different way. Please – don’t expose us to her anymore. Put her away. FAR AWAY!