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Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan would like to share with you their swimwear buying disaster.

Hawt bixch
Images source: Pichichi/Splash. Hawt bixch- Sonja Morgan. (yes Sonja suck in that stomach...)

If only a swimsuit existed that could complement these two dashing beauties. How to humiliate yourself in a public store in Miami and then some.

Kids, I’m going to have to ask you to bring out a chilled glass of moonshine before you sit down and read this article that way you can help get in the same frame of mind as our dear friend Ramona Singer, and her shopping companion, Sonja Morgan, coincidentally stars (isn’t using that word in this context an oxymoron- nevermind, Ramona will send me a baked cookie either way and I’m sure Sonja will fetch me a glass of fizzy water with a splash of cranberry at our next collective NYC society outing) of the Real Housewives of NY who it seems had some degree of misadventure when they set out to buy themselves new swimsuits.

dailymail.co.uk:  She’s usually making headlines for all of the drama on her reality show The Real Housewives Of New York.

But Ramona Singer stood out in Miami today as she slipped into a very small one-piece swimsuit.

The 54-year-old’s costume was super high-cut, forcing her to adjust the attire at times.

Supercut high because our damsel in distress had a misconception of what she should be able to fit in or was it simply a case that most swimwear designers are unaccustomed to how to design for the body likes and aspirations for starlets like Ramona?

A higher enough cut for you Ramona?

And how did our bankrupt hero Sonja fare with her shopping expedition (not that bankruptcy has put a stop to our darling Sonja’s aspirations to material comfort)?

Meanwhile her co-star Sonja Morgan appeared to be having trouble deciding between suits, musing between a red and cream bikini, which she changed in and out of both several times. 

The 48-year-old finally appeared to opt for the red, with her curvaceous figure and a slight ripple in her tummy on display. 

But then to prove to us that Sonja really made a good purchase with the flame red outfit, Sonja responded with the following gesture:

But Morgan was confident in the suit, even patting her behind in full view of Ramona’s husband Mario, who had a chuckle.

'Hmm, do you think the readers at home will get a good look of my derriere?'

Indeed, a good chuckle from one of your girlfriend’s husband always goes a long way in affirming a woman’s self worth.

But then there was a question of how did Ramona manage to get shopper’s eyeballs roaming.

Counters Ramona:

“…insists she hasn’t had surgery, crediting her youthful figure to a ‘combination of working out and eating right’.

She favours free weights, squats and planks, visiting the gym around three times a week.

She also keeps clear of starchy foods and usually eats vegetables, salads and a small serve of protein for dinner.

My my Ramona is lying through her front teeth a healthy girl after all. Never mind all the moonshine, Oxycontin and Valium and whatever else she probably needs to help her calm her nerves after a rough day of slugging it out with cast mates.

And Sonja? Has she had plastic surgery? (does a bear shit in the woods?) But really who hasn’t had plastic surgery? Getting the right look should be bullet stamped on our passports kids.

Kids, don’t you wish that someday, somehow you too could get your own reality show? That too ought to be bullet stamped in your passport…

'Does the bikini come with a bottle of moonshine too?'
Is Sonja doing a good job of picking out the perfect bikini?






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