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Emerald Cut diamonds for sale, tips for buying

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Shopping for Emerald cut diamond engagement ring checklist
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Shopping for Emerald cut diamond engagement ring checklist. Emerald cut diamond for sale, set in a Halo engagement ring

Shopping for Emerald cut diamond engagement ring: Checklist of what to look for when buying gemstone for your future spouse. 

An engagement ring is a source of pride and joy. You cannot choose it lightly. It is best to check the recent trends and go with the item in vogue at present. Its popularity depends on several factors, Emerald cut diamonds rarity makes a them all the more special. You are sure to be enamored with a ring not too common enough to sell every day. Check the statistics and you are sure to find the figures be a bare minimum of the number of diamonds that sell every year. You will find an astounding variety of Emerald cut diamonds at Diamonds-USA that is known for Emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

You have heard about the significance of the four Cs of a diamond of course. Ask yourself whether you want a cut that is too commonplace. It would be better to opt for a squarish shape or the stone that can make a simple engagement ring an absolute stunner. Besides, you are going to be pleased to possess this rare yet magnificent cut that symbolizes his love for you. 

The right Emerald cut diamond that is un-put-down should have a beautiful symmetry and outline. A truly valuable gemstone should have an amazing symmetry and outline that cannot be faulted. Moreover, the classic cut should be recognizable as an emerald cut as well. 

One of the tests to find out its appeal would be to check it closely for features. An engagement ring that showcases a flat pair of wings or a pointed lobe will not make you go ‘wow.’ Remember that you cannot afford to cut a diamond too closely else you are just going to end up with an arrow like ring when you want a perfectly symmetrical srtone. 

Thus, it is symmetry that is all important when you are in the market for an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Look at the two sides of the ring. They should be proportional in all aspects. The entire shape should be pleasing to the eye too. However, you can make an exception about its width. This should be slightly more than its length. Remember, that the emerald cut may look like a square but it not a perfect one with each of the sides equal. Sure, you may opt for a perfect square cut Emerald cut diamond engagement ring too. However, that kind of a cut will make your ring an Asscher Cut one. 

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring: length to width emerald cut diamond.

Tips for checking the symmetry of an Emerald cut diamond that are for sale at Diamonds-USA.

Admittedly, achieving the perfect symmetry in a hard and precious gemstone is difficult. Moreover, the sheer brilliance and sparkle of the ring makes it harder for you to check it merely by looking at it. 

Once you find a particular stone to be appealing enough, do the following to ensure that it is perfectly symmetrical: –

  • Draw an imaginary line right down its center of the Emerald cut diamond that is for sale.
  • Compare each half carefully to see whether they match in every aspect including length, curvature at the tips and width.
  • Do not be disheartened if you cannot judge by looking at it. Instead, select s stone with a length to width ratio of 1:40 to 1:60. A greater length will make your finger appear longer too. 

These are suitable tests for symmetry. Remember that you are likely to have an asymmetrical Emerald cut diamond ring displayed as a perfect as a perfect one. Be aware of the tests and check for symmetry to get the best possible Emerald to adorn your finger.

Some of the other features that you have to check while deciding on the right ring are: –

Ring setting of the stone:

You want to go for a setting that protects the most vulnerable parts of the precious gemstone. Opt for a classic halo setting or a double prong solitaire setting in an engagement ring that exposes the center stone perfectly while encasing it with a circle of tiny pave diamonds. 


This is yet another C that happens to be all-important when you are eager to obtain value for money. Inquire about a VS2 clarity and view it from all sides to see if it is eye clean with no inclusions being too obvious. You may go up a notch in terms of clarity to get a better quality too. You are welcome to request a GIA certificate to verify its clarity of the stone if you are unable to do so by looking at it closely. 

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Emerald Cut Diamond sourced from Diamonds-usa.com

Sure, an engagement ring with an Emerald cut diamond at its center cannot be perfect every time. However, go for this cut if you want to reap the benefits that include: –

  • It is a relatively less expensive ring compared to the traditional round brilliant cut. You may invest in a beautiful diamond ring without blowing up your savings at one go. 
  • The step like arrangement of facets accentuates its brilliance making the engagement ring sparkle delightfully in a unique manner.
  • The emerald cut engagement ring is definite to capture attention instantly.

There are a few not so pleasant attributes of sourcing an emerald cut ring too. You may want to consider the following cons before spending your hard-earned money: –

  • The emerald cut is not a classic cut.
  • Assessing the cut and clarity of the cut is more challenging than checking a round or oval shaped diamond within the ring.
  • It is a relatively rare cut, and you may not find enough items to choose from.

The emerald cut diamond placed in the center of an engagement ring has gained in popularity. You will find it to be a good investment when you select the gemstone with a precise eye for details and opt for a good color and perfect cut with an eye clean clarity.