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Engagement Ring Settings and Styles You Should Know About

Engagement Ring Styles Settings
What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings? Image courtesy of Keyzar: Emerald Cut Engagement ring.
Engagement Ring Styles Settings
What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings? Image courtesy of Keyzar: Emerald Cut Engagement ring.

Choosing an engagement ring is all about style and setting. From nature-inspired rings to pave and solitaire, discover styles and settings. From The Twig, The Kamellie, The Pave Alex, The Lindsey, The Hidden halo Penelope. So, which one suits you best? 

Want the perfect swoon-worthy engagement ring that looks gorgeous on your hand? Then, choosing a style that flatters and accentuates your fingers should be the goal. Sometimes, it’s not about how the stone’s shape but how elegant the ring’s style is that can be the icing on the cake. 

Nature, solitaire, vintage, side stone, hidden-halo, pave, three stones, and halo, many exquisite rings follow these settings, with each offering a sparkly classic, traditional, outdoorsy, or romantic style. So, which is right for you? Let’s find out. 


Engagement rings inspired by mother Earth are the perfect ethereal pieces any outdoor person will definitely love. 

A good example is The Twig nature-inspired engagement ring. Designed to look like weaving branches, the Twig exudes natural beauty with a delicate feel. At first glance, the ring looks like many others, . Don’t be deceived. 

The band looks like those antique rings worn by kings and queens in ancient times. If you’ve watched the American fantasy dramas Originals and Game of Thrones, then you know what we’re talking about. 

Engagement Ring Styles Settings
What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings? Image courtesy of Keyzar: Solitaire Alice Engagement ring.

You also can’t have enough of this style because they have several variations. 

The Twig also comes stacked with radiant cut stones that combines the graceful silhouette of emerald cut style with the brilliance and sparkle of the round cut stones. 

  • Benefit: the Twig design on each side of the band accentuates the radiant cut center stone to make it look bold and truly exquisite. 


Many ring lovers gravitate towards more traditional and classic styles. Solitaire engagement rings offer these perks. 

Their most alluring feature is that they are simple and timeless, meaning they can never go out of style. So, if you’re all about looking simple and elegant, solitaire rings surely won’t disappoint. 

The Kamellie is one solitaire ring you want to consider if you love toned-down classic styles. It has the stone sitting on the center stage and a simple band that looks minimalist but never feels stale. 

  • Benefit: the 1.5mm band may look plain, but you can stack multiple bands on either the lower or top part of the band to create dimension and spice up its look. 


Vintage-style engagement rings look like antique pieces, but they definitely won’t look old as you imagined. 

They incorporate several styles from multiple eras to create something treasure-worthy. Luckily you can easily find a suitable vintage-style ring that flatters your fingers if you appreciate the aesthetics of one era more than others.

Engagement Ring Styles Settings
What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings? Image courtesy of Keyzar: The Hidden Halo Penelope
  • Victorian Era (1835-1900). They have multiple rows of bands, halos, and clusters of diamonds.
  • Edwardian Era (1900-1920). It featured intricately designed platinum rings called filigree
  • Art Deco Era (1920-1940). Engagement rings from this era showcased a design with repeating, sharp angles and tiny beads called milgrain
  • Retro Era (1940-1960). This era featured simple styles like the solitaire settings with larger stones. 

Hidden Halo

Everyone loves a large diamond that looks like it costs over a thousand dollars, but nothing feels more exquisite than when you own something uncommon. 

The Hidden Halo style looks plain since it circles the base of the center stone. Still, it adds breathtaking artistry and sparkle that catches the eyes from all angles. 

If you want something elegant and sparkly, consider a sparking beauty like The Alex. Designed with a center-stage round cut stone cradled by the hidden halo design, this ring looks glamorous from all angles even from afar. 

  • Benefits: while the high-rise center stone appears simple, the hidden halo setting adds extra sparkle that ensures mesmerizing appeal. 


Everyone wants that sparkly pieces that make them stand out, but a piece of jewelry with high brilliance and shine will look lackluster on most people, especially if they pack a punch of statement. 

If you always look good on things with extreme sparkle, a pave-styled engagement ring setting should do the trick. 

Pave-styled rings are intricately designed with the shank of the ring holding several tiny diamonds to complement the radiance of the big piece in the center. Still, their best feature is they pair well with other types of settings. 

The Pave Alex hidden Halo ring with a pave band is a stunningly detailed ring that steal the show. Designed with a diamond-encrusted pave band and hidden halo that adds extra sparkle to the gorgeous stone, your ring will catch attention from any angle you face them. 

  • Benefits: You think it makes you ring weight much? It really doesn’t. Instead, the style elevates the look of your simple ring.  


Want a ring fit for a princess? This is it! 

Ever since Kate Middletown wore her engagement ring that once belonged to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, in 2010, halo-style engagement rings have become a favorite of many. 

Halos add glitzy and glimmer to any ring while making the stone look larger. So, if the visual appeal is a huge deal for you, there’s no better way to look confident than with a halo ring such as The Lenny

Ever heard of the phrase “bold and beautiful”? The Lenny embodies this statement effortlessly. With a classic halo setting that accentuates the glamorous diamond stone, making it appear larger than normal, you will rest assured that everyone can love and appreciate the sparkling brilliance on your fingers. 

  • Benefit: halo design encircles your beautiful center stone to give a dramatic effect so that no one can miss its impressive appearance even from a distance. 

Three Stones

If there’s a trendier style than the Halo, it is the three-stones design. People adore this style for the deeper meaning it represents. 

Popular Engagement Rings
What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles and Settings? Image courtesy of Keyzar: The Liv Three Stones.

As the name suggests, three stone rings are designed with three stones, one large one in the center and two smaller-sized stones on each side. 

The seem unique right? Well, The Liv is one statement three stone ring that sure stands out. 

Perhaps its most alluring advantage is its bold, Art Deco-inspired design. Regardless, the Liv is simple yet a hard-to-miss sophisticated and sparkly three stone ring that leaves your fingers super stackable while expressing your live story.

  • Benefit: the claw set center stone is effortlessly held by two baguette diamonds, a powerful combination that helps you embrace shared memories in happiness. 

Ready to Make Your Pick? 

There are many engagement ring styles out there, which makes choosing one that steals the show challenging. The simple trick to finding the right engagement ring is to consider your personal style and glitz power. 

If a sparkling statement is what you’re going for, the pave, hidden halo, and three-stone engagement ring may be the right choice. If you’re looking for something more minimalist and simple, natural and solitaire-styled rings are your best bet. 

Don’t forget something that also represents shared memories. Everyone loves the smell of love in the air and we love love too!