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Boots an essential for men in winter

boots mens winter
How Boots are Essential for Men's Winter Wardrobe. Pictured the classic Chelsea boot for men.
boots mens winter
How Boots are Essential for Men’s Winter Wardrobe. Pictured the classic Chelsea boot for men.

How Boots are Essential for Men’s Winter Wardrobe. Selecting the right winter footwear and style & occasion.  

It’s not a secret that after the temperature drops in winter, it’s harder for men to get dressed nicely, and usually most of us just wear anything that keeps us warm and cozy. But that should not stop anyone from dressing stylish and looking good, and a piece of gear that is a must in winter are men’s boots, besides from elevating your style they can come in useful in the cold winter weather.

How Boots are Essential in a Man’s Winter Wardrobe

Boots are essential for men in winter, they protect you from issues that arrive with this season, like cold, and slippery without sacrificing comfort. Boots keep your feet warm and dry and give a nice and stylish touch to your cold-weather outfit.

The best part of boots is the fact they are so versatile, they adapt to all styles: biker, work boots, trench, dress boots, chukka, chelsea boots. Also, many of those types of boots give you the opportunity of customizing them and have a unique fashion garment that will make the difference.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots for men are a type of casual boot that’s characterized by their elastic side that allow the foot to be inserted easily, this shoe doesn’t have laces and are typically made from leather or suede. You can find them in a huge variety of colors.

You can wear it with a shirt and a sweater or a shirt with a jacket or coat, making it perfect for any winter outfit.

Biker Boots

This footwear is designed to protect the rider’s feet from the element and any minor accident, but they have grown a lot in popularity in the last few years. Usually made from leather and with a huge and heavy sole made of rubber.

Biker boots can be worn with a lot of types of clothing, you can wear them with a jean, sweaters or coats. You can’t go wrong pairing those boots with a leather jacket.

Work Boots

Designed to protect your feet and lower legs from the dangers you can find at work, these type of books are usually made of hard materials, huge pieces of leather, with a heavy rubber sole and steel toe caps.

Despite that, work boots are comfortable and will keep your feet warm in winter. They are usually worn with jeans, sweater and heavy wool shirt-jackets or bombers.

Trench Boots

These types of shoes have a military background and have made the way to all the men’s wardrobe, giving unique outfit opportunities. Typically made of leather faux leather with thick rubber sole.

Trench boots are usually worn with jeans or trousers with coats and jackets, but they can also be worn with a suit or dress pants for more formal occasions. This is because the style of the boots is not too casual or too formal.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are essentials for men in winter, giving an option to more formal clothing and outfits, but you can also wear it with casual outfits. They can be made from leather or suede, many times you can find them polished and shiny.

You can wear it with formal outfits, chino pants, dress pants with a shirt and a coat or formal jacket.

Chukka Boots

Made from leather, suede and in many cases, chukka boots come in a combination of both with a lace up in the front a sole that’s thick and flat. These types of ankle boots are typically worn with more casual and less formal looks than the traditional dress shoes or boots.

You can wear it with casual clothes, sweaters, coats, jackets or with more formal clothes like pants, chinos and blazers. And of course go here if you want to have the complete lowdown on how to take care of your rain boots