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How To Take Care Of Your Rain Boots?

take care of rain boots
Tips to help you take care of your rain boots amid wear and tear.
take care of rain boots
Tips to help you take care of your rain boots amid wear and tear.

Tips to help you take care of your rain boots and help maintain their long lasting life and use.

Come rain and all the fancy shoes find themselves at the far end of the wardrobe. Thank God, we have stylish rain boots to cover. 

Gone are the days when the markets would offer us plain rubber boots to bear with rain. Today, shoemakers understand the needs of their customers and provide them with rain boots coated in style and fashion. So, we have uber-chic rubber rain boots, designer rain boots women, nylon rain boots, and even boots featuring suede. However, with it, we now have the responsibility of maintaining and taking care of them. 

Moreover, as rain boots are subjected to water, dirt, and grim in copious amounts, it is necessary to look after them to make them last. 

Here are a few tips to help you take care of your rain boots. Take a look. 

   * Clean them after every use

Skipping on cleaning your rain boots is easy thinking that they automatically get washed in the rain. But let us break it to you. Even rain boots require cleaning. 

Make it a point to clean your rain boots every time you wear them. You need not go through the long processes, including conditioning and buffing, every time you wear them. But, at least remove the mud and grim that adheres to their surface. Wipe them with a damp cloth after every use. 

   * Condition them 

Rubber rain boots are sturdy, but exposure to the sun can make the rubber fade and break. And once this happens, you can never repair them. All you will see are cracks, flakes, and extremely dry rubber. Hence, act proactively and condition your boots to prevent them from sun damage. 

Once in a while during the off-season, condition your boots using a good quality conditioner. Before you cover the surface of the boots with a conditioner, wipe all the dirt away using a wet cloth. Now, apply the conditioner liberally across the surface of the boots using a soft cloth. Make sure to wipe away the excess conditioner. Let your boots dry overnight. 

   * Use UV Tech Spray or silicone spray 

The best way to preserve the rubber of your rain boots is by protecting them with UV Tech spray. This spray works magic and prevents your boots from damage from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the resultant fading. Moreover, it provides moisture and improves the elasticity of the rubber. 

An added layer of silicon spray (optional) can add some shine and provide an added layer of sealant. Additionally, it will make your boots water-wicking and dirt-repelling. 

   * Store them properly 

The biggest damage does not happen when you wear your rain boots but when you store them. Improper storage can wreak havoc on rain boots. 

Make sure your boots rest in an insulated area (or in a brown paper bag to avoid contact with light) during the off-season. Leaving your rubber boots outside or in any uninsulated area will hamper the integrity of rubber (due to temperature fluctuation between day and night), making it crack. Make sure the area is dry and cool otherwise mold and mildew will attack your boots. Furthermore, do not expose them to extreme heat, cold, or sun. 

Also, make sure the boots are stored upright. Folding them over can cause splitting or cracks. You can also hang them upside down. 

The bottom line 

Rain boots constitute an essential part of your wardrobe if you live in a wet and cold region. Make sure you always keep them in their best condition. We hope these tips will help you take care of your rain boots.